SIR, Since devolution, Scotland’s rural area has been at the sharp end of unnecessary, unwanted, and biased legislation from those in power at Holyrood.

The vast majority of Scotland’s electorate is urban based – this in turn results in a majority in Holyrood who it has been demonstrated have little knowledge of the workings in the countryside. The vast area of rural Scotland has little representation at Holyrood to enforce this argument, and I do not recall rural MSPs ever out-voting any urban legislation.

The threats to employment in rural areas have been truly disproportionate. We have been beaten by the urban stick in a brutal manner with no carrot in sight. Clearly, this one-way traffic is unfair to the rural workforce.

Scottish landowners, mainly farmers, tenants, gamekeepers, game farmers, forestry, fishing, and many associated jobs, support a huge rural economy in spite of modernisation within these industries, with much of the recent legislation having a negative impact on these sectors.

The remoteness of these rural jobs has not helped us to speak as one and reject the urban pressure. Our support organisations have been on the back foot and individually addressing the issues with limited success. The countryside is feeling the pain and I expect all our organisations to come together and sing from the same hymn sheet with one voice – no more sitting on the fence.

The countryside’s views have been ignored at Holyrood for far too long. It is time for the slumbering giant to awaken and take a huge collective demonstration to the seat of power. In recent months, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, and France, along with our own farmers on Speyside, have seen the threat to their livelihoods and protested.

Politicians are a little like sheep –they follow their parties’ line. They do, however, fear for their own jobs when they are faced with bad publicity, demonstrations, and job losses.

In future elections, we can collectively influence the current government and in turn the next lot, whatever party it may be, and regain status and respect for future generations in our countryside.

Name and address supplied.