'On the Buses' was a popular TV sitcom in the 1970s which those of a certain vintage might remember.

Well, Campbeltown's Greig Gillespie had the starring role in a modern version of the sitcom farce the other week as he made his way to Ayr and then Lanark for the Blackie stockjudging and sale. Supporting cast members were Donald 'Wilf' Fletcher from Islay and his erstwhile 'cousin' Alasdair Fletcher from Renfrewshire.

Alasdair was to pick our hero up at Clydebank to chauffeur him to Ayr. No one will be surprised to note that Greig's phone battery ran out at Inveraray, and that's when the farce commenced.

Alasdair stupidly decided to follow the bus to Clydebank and was in phone contact with Wilf who was at the other end of the bus. Confusion arose when Greig didn't get off at the right stop, so his chauffeur followed the bus all the way to Glasgow.

In fact, Wilf had given Greig the correct bus stop advice, and he duly disembarked correctly. The problem was the now redundant chauffeur had followed the Oban bus and not the Campbeltown bus.

Our hero rescued the situation by finding the nearest kebab shop where he managed to charge his phone - and half an hour and half a dozen kebabs later he was picked up at the bus stop...