It will come as no great surprise to anyone that the powerful lobbying operations of NFUS and SL&E won’t be supporting any progressive changes in the Land Reform Bill.

What will come as a shock to many tenant farmers is the deafening silence on land reform coming from the STFA. At a time when we need changes to ensure a better future for tenants whether that be a fair rent test, flexible improvement rights or a conditional right to buy, the STFA appear embarrassed to fight for their members.

Is it not about time that we had some real debate in rural Scotland, where a diverse range of voices are heard rather than everyone pretending to agree with the tired old lines spewed out by powerful lobbyists from SL&E et al?

Maybe it is time that the STFA was once again run by tenants for tenants and unafraid to fight for a better tomorrow.

Hector P MacSwinney, RashieSheugh Farm, Port of Menteith