Soon the election leaflets and paraphernalia will get swept up and binned along with their copious and dubious promises and, to the relief of many, the election will have been and gone.

Much as I treasure and cherish democracy that our forefathers fought and died for, I would never disrespect them by not using my vote. However, I have been somewhat disillusioned by the calibre of the people we get to vote for.

I come from a political family and in years gone by political campaigns were exciting as we engaged in the political debates, for or against important issues of the day. You got to know the candidates, what they stood for, their strengths and weaknesses.

I always wanted to know their history and the skills they were to give to our constituency from the life experiences they have had and how they dealt with them. Basically, my vote was the result of a complicated job interview where I and many others got to employ someone who we could trust to look after our interests for the forthcoming five years or so.

Now you get a leaflet that tells you ‘we are not that other lot, look how bad they are’!

No, no, no. How would it look in a job application if your CV said you were definitely not someone else?

I would like someone who will listen to the people on the ground and try their best for agriculture. An MP who has agricultural experience and has a flavour for the business and yes, occasionally speak against the party line and make me feel he or she has got my back.

But, sadly, I will go into that wee polling booth, mark an X, then just hope that the other lot don’t get in!

Peter Myles, NSA Scotland