REALITY TV seems to have taken a turn for the worse – now you can watch your selected turkey grow before you buy it for Christmas! 
Apparently, ‘face’ recognition technology is the next big thing for poultry farmers and now one application for it has been picked up by the marketing boys.

So, the theory is that you select your baby turkey – or more properly, a poult – then the visual technology allows you to monitor the progress of Jeannie or Jock, or whatever you’ve called them, right up until it’s killed for the Christmas table. The marketeers reckon that people will buy into the principle just to ensure that their Bubbly Jock is looked after properly.

So, picture the scene ... one minute you’re looking at poor auld Jock and tracking him via GPS, the next you’re looking at him on a plate. What next, selecting your own beast from which to have a steak; milk; or haggis from? ... I don’t think so! As everyone of the ‘General Public’ knows, milk comes from Tesco!