FARMER Martyn Steedman is building up a bit of an aeronautical fleet on his Stirlingshire farm, where he has augmented an already popular ‘glamping’ diversification business by offering accommodation in the converted carcases of defunct aircraft.

The Thornhill campsite is already a bit of a local landmark thanks to the Royal Navy Sea King helicopter installed two years ago to give visitors the extra thrill of a night under military-grade aluminium.

This week, it really hit the headlines with the addition of a grounded Twin Pioneer airplane, built by Scottish Aviation Limited at Prestwick Airport during the 1950s.

Mr Steedman said: “Primrose, as she is affectionately known by those who flew her, was one of the last flying Twin Pioneers in the world. She faithfully served on civilian and military missions for nearly 50 years, before being retired because of her ageing wing struts.

“We’re sure that like our Sea King she’ll attracts tourists and aviation enthusiasts alike, which is great news for the rural economy and local jobs.”

Only Primrose’s cockpit will be retained, with the rest of the seats stripped out and replaced with more comfortable sleeping furniture.