MODERN technology is a great thing, but sometimes it's a real pain in the ass (cue more jokes from the previous Evergreen!).

This concerns the fact that in some modern cars, the automatic doors lock themselves if not opened within a certain time of being unlocked. Which, to all intents and purposes is fine – unless the keys are still in the car!

So, at the recent Dalkeith Show, the Dick family's pickup locked itself without anyone realising it. To add to the worries, the canopy had remained open until Alan Smellie, of Kailzie, Peebles, decided to play a trick on the Dicks' three grandchildren playing in the back by shutting the back door!

However, James Dick (5), came to the rescue. He managed to open the side window and the three children 'escaped' but he couldn't find the keys. That left his mum, Jo Dick, Corncockle, Templand, Lockerbie, with the job of climbing in the side window (amid much speculation as to whether she was going to fit through such a small space). Apparently the entire debacle was being filmed on her hubbie's phone ... I would scan social meeja for the results.