HEN ENTHUSIAST Debbie Hewison, from Coulter, got a bit of a surprise this week when she finally caught the animal that had been terrorising her chickens – it was a raccoon.

This very non-native beastie had killed 14 of her laying hens and a non-lethal trap she set came up with the goods.

While the temptation might have been there for her to turn it into the hat made famous by Davy Crockett, she turned it instead into the local office of the SSPCA, in Hamilton.

Apparently, the raccoon had been spotted several times in the locale... hope it’s not the start of another unhelpful release of wildlife!

Tat for Tinkerbell

MORE and more people seem to be getting a tattoo, or two, these days. Indeed, there is some research which suggests that 50% of those aged between 20 and 50 sport at least one.

Most opt for the name of a loved one or their country of birth. Football teams are also popular.

But Eric Johnstone from Muir of Ord has really pushed the boat out with his creation. His Clydesdale filly, Ord Tinkerbell, has swept all before her this year, taking the Cawdor Cup and the supreme breed award at the Highland among a host of other awards.

Her picture is now engraved forever across Eric’s chest and was given its ‘show debut’ at last week’s Clydesdale Winter Fair at Lanark.