THE top two tickets in the Simmental breed went to the North-east when Islavale secured the senior title and Auchorachan the junior honours. 
Top senior was the Stronach family’s yearling heifer, Islavale Harper, from Berryleys, Keith, showing at Stars for the first time since it moved from Forfar. 
On her first outing, Harper is by Atlow Dixon, a sire which stood overall champion at Stirling in 2014 and purchased by the Stronachs for 15,000gns. She is out of Islavale Erica. 
Lanarkshire breeder, David Lowry, who runs 80 cows in his Keeldrum herd at Newsteadings, stood reserve senior with Thursford Hero, which was bought at that herd’s dispersal as a calf at foot with his dam, Thursford Holly 3, for 4200gns. This 14-month-old bull calf is a son of Scotland Hill Cairo and was champion at the Agri-Expo. 
Michael and Morag Durno’s journey south from Auchorachan, Glenlivet, was more than worthwhile when Auchorachan Hilly 6 was the top junior female and junior overall. An AI daughter of Kilbride Farm Delboy, this January calf is out of Auchorachan Wendy, an elite cow which has bred bulls to 8000gns. 
Reserve junior was Barlow Brothers’ Denizes Impressive, an April-born bull calf from their 50-cow herd at Littlewood Hall, Croston. Junior champion at Agri-Expo, he is by the 10,000gns Denizes Fantastic and out of Denizes Trixie-belle 6, which stood champion at the Expo in 2012.
LEADING awards:

(Judge: Ms B Borlase, Saccombe Hill Farm, Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire). 
Seniors – Bulls born Jul 16 to Sept 17, 2016 – 1, senior male and reserve senior champion, D Lowry’s Thursford Hero, by Scotland Hill Cairo; 2, D Loftus’ Blackpool Harper, by Blackpool Ely; 3, D Lowry’s Keeldrum Hi-Flyer, by Coose Emperor. 
Bulls born Sept 21 to Dec 31, 2016 – 1 and reserve male, W Stronach’s Islavale Heston, by Ranfurly Confederate; 2, R McCulloch’s Overhillhouse Hanover, by Dermosstown Delboy; 3, R McCulloch’s Overhillhouse Halo, by Raceview King. 
Heifers born Jul 15 to Sept 4, 2016 – 1, R McCulloch’s Curaheen Henrieta, by Tiset Darwin; 2, D and R Durno’s Auchorachan Nanny 1, by Dirnanean Bradley; 3, A Borthwick’s Kinclaven Heather, by Islavale Donald. 
Heifers born Sept 20 to Dec 25, 2016 – 1, senior female and senior champion, W Stronach’s Islavale Harper, by Atlow Dixon; 2 and reserve senior female, D Loftus’ Blackpool Hosanna, by Blackpool Ely; 3, D and R Durno’s Auchorachan Letta 1, by Team Fergus.
Juniors – Bulls born Jan 2 to Apr 26, 2017 – 1, junior male and reserve junior champion, Barlow Brothers’ Denizes Impressive, by Denizes Fantastic; 2, A Wilson’s Cairnview Igor, by Omorga Volvo; 3, A and A Wright’s Lagavaich Ironman, by Williams Eddie. 
Heifers born Jan 1 to Feb 14, 2017 – 1, junior female and junior champion, D and R Dunro’s Auchorachan Hilly 6, by Kilbride Farm Delboy; 2, J and P Goldie’s Newbiemains I’mbrilliant, by Newbiemains Empire; 3, Barlow Brothers’ Denizes Cadette 35, by Bosahan Dynamo. 
Heifers born Mar 2 to Mar 24, 2017 – 1 and reserve junior female, F Gwynne’s Castlewigg Empire Stella, by Sterling Empire; 2, J and P Goldie’s Newbiemains Irishmist, by Woodhall Fantastic; 3, A Ivory’s Strathisla Isla’s Geraldine, by Omorga Samson. 
Heifers born Apr 1 to Apr 22, 2017 – 1, R McCulloch’s Overhillhouse Imelia, by Mohana Fletcher; 2, A Ivory’s Strathisla India’s Twiggy, by Islavale Donald; 3, D and R Durno’s Auchorachan Nanny 2, by Team Fergus.