Two early runs, from Ian Fergie’s Craig and Robbie Welsh’s Lass, took the lead at Dalrymple.

The Texel cross ewes varied from packet to packet, on a long, flat field, but generally reacted against pressure, were tempted to a known route from the handlers feet and could be difficult to pen.

Lass set a good standard with the second run of the day, but was soon overtaken by Craig, the next dog to run.

Ian Fergie’s Craig (M McTeir’s Bob, A Sim’s Flo) took good care of a good packet and kept them calm.

The ewes had strayed to the left of the post before Craig approached them from a left hand outrun, so Ian stopped him short, but consequently lifted a little off line. Despite that, Craig put them on line and achieved a clean fetch and a very good drive. He made a good turn round Ian, had a minor waver on the first leg and a good cross drive and return. Clean work at hand set the seal on the winning run.

Robbie Welsh’s Lass (M McNally’s Killiebrae Moss, T Welsh’s Kate) managed the sheep tremendously, until one hole in the work marred that. Lass worked flawlessly outbye, but when the ewes came to Robbie’s feet, they made for a familiar exit and a very wide turn ensued. A good pen and a clean shed completed the run in second place.

The Blackface ewes at Abington ran well on a big course set on a rough and rising hillside, but dogs could go wide at either side. On the right hand outrun, they tended to go down into a hollow where they were out of sight. On the fetch, the ewes could go off line when the track ran out, while the cross drive was hard to judge and the gate not conducive to tight turns.

Stuart Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen (SL Davidson’s Rob, A Gillies’ Peg) ran out clean to the top and although the lift was not smooth, the fetch was very good and the drive was distinguished by a good turn out of the cross drive gate. A good pen and a clean shed completed the work in first place.

Peter Martin’s Jill (R Dalziel’s Joe, N McVicar’s Nikki) ran out and lifted cleanly, had a good fetch with minor wavers, and a good drive, but for the wide turn through the cross drive gate. The pen was clean, but the sheep were spread out on the shed so the job looked not as precise as it might have done. With the cut made, the run was complete and took second place, ahead of equally pointed third on outbye.

Ian Brownlie’s Lia (R Hutchinson’s Sweep, IM Brownlie’s Mo) ran out cleanly and lifted her sheep, but they drifted off line on the fetch. Another wide turn through the cross drive gate marred a good drive but clean close work completed the run in third place.

The Lleyn cross ewes at Ellemford were tricky to handle and hard to pen. The cross drive was difficult to judge and the ewes were inclined to bolt across on a windy day.

Ross Henderson and Glen (RB Henderson’s Tag, J Hill’s Julie) worked well outbye. A very good drive with a straight line across the course and through the gate set the run apart, but the line continued beyond the gate, making a wide turn. A clean pen and shed completed the run in first place.

Davie Wallace’s Bill (D Smith’s Cap, D Wallace’s Kate) started out a little square but once on track, he worked very well outbye. He had trouble keeping the sheep on line on the cross drive, but he got them through the gate with a neat turn; a clean finish thereafter secured second place, a point behind Glen.

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LEADING awards

Ellemford (Judge: C Smart, St Boswells) Open – 40 ran –1, R Henderson’s Glen, Crawford, 96; 2, D Wallace’s Bill, Blythbank, 95; 3, C Dickson’s Straid Star, Coldingham, 94; 4, R Henderson’s Bill, Crawford, 92; 5, S Morgan’s Fred, Heriot, 85; 6, J Hill’s Molly, Heriot, 87.5 Outbye; 7, C Dickson’s Thistledown Ged, Coldingham, 87.5;

Abington (Judge: J Robinson, Springhill) Open – 56 ran - 1, SL Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen, Sandbank, 93; 2, P Martin’s Jill, Glenlyon, 91 Outbye; 3, IM Brownlie’s Lia, Deuchrie, 91; 4, AR Mundell’s Taff, Moffat, 90 Outbye; 5, W Welsh’s Cap, Dalcairney, 90 Outbye; 6, I McMillan’s Lamp, Newton Stewart, 90;

Dalrymple (Judge: I Fleming, Douglas) Open – 43 ran – 1, I Fergie’s Craig, Straiton, 93; 2, R Welsh’s Lass, Patna, 91; 3, AR Mundell’s Kinloch Quinn, Moffat, 89; 4, T Welsh’s Don, Patna, 83; 5, W Welsh’s Cap, Dalcairney, 80; 6, D Smith’s Bill, Lanark, 79;

Durness (Judge, JR Welsh, Dalrymple) Open – 47 ran – 1, D McMullan’s Eve, Dunloy, 84; 2, EC MacKinnon’s Buddy, Lochcarron, 82; 3, J McKenzie’s Tweedie, Turriff, 80; 4, MC Shearer’s Tib, Westfield,76 Outbye; 5, H MacLean’s Moss, Culloden,76; 6, MC Shearer’s Roy, Westfield,75 Outbye; 7, M Sutherland’s Liz, Lybster,75; 8, J McKenzie’s Meg, Turriff, 73; 9, D Murray’s Mirk, Rogart, 70 Outbye; 10, EC MacKinnon’s Midge, Lochcarron, 70;


Holme (Judge:T Longton, Quernmore) Open – 30 ran - 1, R Hutchinson’s Jock, Littledale, 118; 2, C Mellin’s Moor Lodge Ben, Oakworth, 76; 3, R Hutchinson’s Sweep Littledale, 96; 4, F Cleary’s Billy, Tockholes, 87; 5, S Duckworth’s Bert, Haslingden, 90; 6, J Scriven’s Gwen, Elslack, 72;

Helsfell (Judge: M Glasgow, Ashton with Stodday) Nursery – 54 ran - 1, F Cleary’s Pip, Tockholes, 84; 2, E Gray’s Telf Joff, Great Elsdon, 82; 3, P Ellis’ Ilsa, Kendal, 80; 4, W Bell’s Ruby, Earby, 78; 5, T Huddleston’s Udale Murray, North Westmorland, 76; 6, R Fawcett’s Kieth, Hawes, 75;