The crook and stick section had an outstanding array of workmanship in a well supported section, which always attracts a lot of interest from visitors and exhibitors alike.

The championship was taken by Julie Anderson-Roskell, of Moffat, with a Welsh Mountain ram’s horn on a hazel shank. She had previously bought the ram at Longtown Market, because it had a 'good set of horns' and attends the Lockerbie stick class, where this stick won the top prize in the class' show last year.

The novice championship went to Barry Frizell, from Wigton, Cumbria, who has now won this title three times in succession. This time it was with a burr elm thistle. He makes sticks in pairs and hopes that this stick will follow its 'brother’s' success – it took the 2016 Champion of Champions title – and Livescot was the last qualifying show of the season for the 2019 championship.


Judge: Sam Smith, Lockerbie.

Horn crook, plain or fancy – 1 and 2, Dane Love; 3, Arthur Dent.

Wood crook, plain or fancy – 1, Arthur Dent; 2, Barry Frizell; 3, Iain Paterson

Plain horn stick – 1, 2 and champion, Julie Anderson Roskell; 3, Arthur Dent.

Fancy horn stick – 1, Dane Love; 2, Ian McConchie; 3, Arthur Dent.

Plain wood stick – 1, Barry Frizell; 2, Jim Currie; 3, Steven Docharty.

Fancy wood stick – 1, 2 and 3, Barry Frizell.

Leg cleek – 1, Arthur Dent; 2, Jim Currie; 3, Barry Frizell.

Thumb stick – 1 and 2, Arthur Dent; 3, Brian Curle.

Sportsman stick – 1, Dane Love; 2, Tom Stewart; 3, Iain Paterson.

Buffalo horn – 1 and 2, Tom Stewart; 3, Iain Paterson.

Novice any horn – 1, Terry Alderson; 2, Evelyn Blyth; 3, Andrew Prowse.

Novice any wood – 1, 2 and 3, and novice champion, Barry Frizell.