A steady run at Carse of Clary saw Ian McMillan’s Straid Zac lead the day with a very comfortable lead that left most of the field far behind.

On a stormy day, the Beltex cross ewes behaved very well over a flat field.

Straid Zac (I McMillan’s Lamp, D Young’s Straid Gypsy) slightly overshot his sheep at the top, but that did not affect his lift. The fetch and drive went well, with only very minor wavers and a clean pen followed. The shed took a little time, but when it was complete, Zac took first place with a long lead.

A very smooth run from Alex Watson’s Moss took the lead at Walkerburn, despite a bogey on the fetch marring the good work elsewhere.

The mule ewes ran well and behaved consistently throughout the day, if they were not upset. The course rose to a corner where the sheep were released, but a hollow on the fetch put the sheep out of sight and could put them off line.

Alex Watson’s Moss started well, but the ewes were off line when they emerged from the hollow on the fetch. The drive was smooth and good close work completed the run in first place.

Sion Morgan’s Kim (MC Magnusson’s Seal, L Magnusson’s Mol) was slightly short on her outrun but she had a good fetch. The lines of the drive were good, although Kim lacked the polish of Moss there. A clean pen and shed put the work into second place, ahead of third on outbye work.

The easy care hoggs at Ardormie ran well on the braeface until the storm arose, and they became very difficult to manage.

Mosse Magnusson’s Wheatwood Bee (K Evans’ Kemi Ross, IR Fowler’s Sawmill Dot) stopped a little short on her outrun which affected her lift, but her fetch and drive were very good. The pen was clean and although one awkward hogg made the shed difficult, Bee eventually completed her run in first place.

The Texel cross ewe lambs ran very well on a flat field at Troneyhill but the young dogs showed their inexperience on the trial field.

Bill Elliot’s Branshaw’s Cap (R Hutchison’s Sweep, E Hill’s Kate) was short on his outrun but managed to make a very good lift. He had a very controlled run, with a very good fetch and the best drive of the day, with just minor wavers. He penned after a break and finished the winning run with a clean shed.

Cameron Dickson’s Stuart (SL Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen, C Davidson’s Cap) ran out clean to the top, but was hesitant to lift; once he had done that he too had a good fetch. On the first leg of the drive, the sheep slipped by the gate and that made a big hole in an otherwise excellent run. The pen went well and another clean shed set the seal on second place.

Two very similar runs from George Simpson’s Hemp and Elwy Rodger led the way at Woodside of Culloden, separated by a single point, with kennel mate Kim and equally pointed John MacKillop’s Jed only a little distance behind.

Hemp (A Lyttle’s Jim, A McClintock’s June) ran out well, lifted cleanly and had a good fetch and drive, with just minor wavers of the lines. A clean pen and shed completed the winning run.

LEADING awards

Culloden (Judge: EC Mackinnon, Lochcarron) - Nursery - 17 ran - 1, G Simpson’s Hemp, Forgue, 93; 2, G Simpson’s Elwy Rodger, Forgue, 92; 3, G Simpson’s Kim, Forgue, 90 Outbye; 4, J MacKillop’s Jed, Fort Augustus, 90; 5, G Simpson’s Celt, Forgue, 83; 6, H MacLean’s Penny, Culloden, 81; 7,T McPhee’s Scot, Wick, 80; 8, N Sutherland’s Heatherhill Heck, Strathnaver, 79 Outbye; 9, I Sutherland’s Sid, Strathnaver,79; 10, W Cormack’s Nap, Dunnet, 78; 11, J MacDiarmid’s Lass, Eynort, 70; Older dogs, - 4 ran – 1, G Simpson’s Lad, Forgue, 90; 2, H MacLean’s Moss, Culloden, 89; £300 raised from 2 trials for Maggie’s Highland

Carse of Clary (Judge: S Paton, Ayr) Nursery – 12 ran – I McMillan’s Straid Zac, Newton Stewart, 93; 2, C Armstrong’s Misty, Archbank, 84; 3, C Caygill’s Seth, Whinnyliggate,77 Outbye; 4, J Paterson’s Jim, Kirkcowan,77; 5, A Stewart’s Jim, Lockerbie,75; 6, J Mitchell’s Paige, New Luce, 65 Outbye; 7, J McGowan’s Tony, Portpatrick, 65;

Walkerburn (Judge: AR Mundell, Moffat) Nursery – 24 ran – 1, A Watson’s Moss, Shotts, 90; 2, S Morgan’s Kim, Heriot, 89 Outbye; 3, J Hill’s Bill, Heriot, 89; 4, IM Brownlie’s Templehall Oz, Deuchrie, 86; 5, RB Henderson’s Lad, Heriot, 85; 6, R Henderson’s Duke, Crawford, 84; 7, D Wallace’s Jill, Blyth Bridge, 80; 8, M McColm’s Sky, Leadhills, 78; 9, J McRobert’s Ross, Tweedsmuir, 76; 10, J Hill’s Liz, Heriot, 74; Novice -1, N Shaw’s Jess, Selkirk, 80; 2, K Aitchison’s Beth, Mossdale, 78 Outbye; 3, M McColm’s Sky, Leadhills, 78; 4, N Shaw’s Molly, Selkirk, 73; 5, R Reid’s Taff, Carnwath, 69 Outbye; 6, K Blackwood’s Jill, Abington, 69; 7,T McInley’s Pat, Coulter, 68 Outbye; 8, A Walker’s Midge, Hamilton, 68; 9, R Reid’s Snip, Carnwath, 63;

Ardormie (Judge: N McVicar, Benmore) Nursery – 23 ran – 1, CM Magnusson’s Wheatwood Bee, Mid Derry, 90; 2, K Howlett’s Spot, Comrie, 86; 3, L Magnusson’s Glencar Eire, Mid Derry,84; 4, R Lewis’ Ruby, Killin, 80; 5, D Galbraith’s Todd, Comrie, 72; 6, M Caul’s Denwyn Mist, Balkello,72; 7, P Martin’s Kay, Glenlyon, 61; 8, S Martin’s Mo, Cashlie, 63 Outbye; 9, M Lundin’s, Blairgowrie, Mid Derry Mic, 42;10, J Fotheringham’s Ben, Ardler;

Novice – 4 ran –D Shepherd’s Wisp, Dunkeld, 73;

Troneyhill (Judge: J Fyall, West Woodburn) Nursery – 16 ran - 1, WS Elliot’s Branshaws

Cap, Yetholm, 85; 2, C Dickson’s Stuart, Coldingham, 84; 3, I Jackson’s Roy, Ancrum, 73; 4, M McTeir’s Dan, Stow, 71; 5, M Arres’ Rob, Ashkirk, 61; 6, A Dickman’s Haverhill Sweep, Oxton, 60; 7, G Pate’s Misty, Humbie, 59; 8, M Arres’ Jock, Ashkirk, 58; Novice – 1, G Pate’s Misty, Humbie, 59;

Northumberland League

Debdon (Judge: R MacRae, Netherwitton) Nursery –18 ran – 1, C Balmbro’s Liz, Wooler, 79; 2, E Irvine’s Dan, Great Elsdon,77 Outbye; 3, M Northwood’s Cian, East Woodburn, 77; 4, E Gray’s Brenna, Great Elsdon, 76 Outbye; 5, B Jordan’s Tuff, Whitfield,76; 6, M Davidson’s Angus, Lilburn,75; Novice - S Pearson’s Gelert, Morpeth, 75.