Rob Colclough’s Rosefield Pip won the nursery championship at Hillswick, despite coming second in the youngest age group.

The Shetland cross Cheviot ewe hoggs ran out on a testing grass field, with an outrun set at 220 yards for the young dogs and ending in a downhill slope to the bottom.

A championship was run for the five top dogs from both nurseries. Rob Colclough’s Rosefield Pip (T Sutherland’s Rosefield Hudon and Foxy) had a clean outrun and a good lift, but missed her gates on the fetch. She penned after a small break to win.

Brendon Smith’s Queen, (K Evans Jim, A Leslie Nell) stopped a little short on her outrun, but had a perfect lift. The hoggs were offline on the fetch, but Queen put them through the gate. A good pen completed the winning run in the under 18 months class.

Andrew Nicolson’s Groesfaen Spot (A Owen Llangwm Sid, G Evans Linburn Jess) stopped a little short on his outrun, which affected his lift. He had a good fetch, with minor wavers, but got his gate, and earned first place in the 18-30 months class.

A full sized, 350 yard course was set up for the intermediate class. Jerry Ramsay’s Meg (J Ramsay’s Cap, K Williamson’s Cassie) stopped slightly short on her outrun, but made a good fetch. The hoggs started well on the drive, but were offline on the cross drive and came back through the gates.

An open class completed the day and Jerry was in good form, winning this class with another dog. Fly (M Gallagher Cap, S Macaulay Gael) had a perfect outrun and lift, but was offline on the fetch. He had trouble on the first leg of the drive, and was offline on the cross drive, but got his gates. He penned after a series of breaks, but a near perfect shed completed a winning run.

LEADING awards

Hillswick, Shetland (Judge: MC Hughson, Scalloway). Nursery, 18 months and under – 8 ran – 1, B Smith’s Queen, Dunrossness, 51/60; 2, R Colclough’s Rosefield Pip, Yell, 44; 3, AWP Hughson’s Lass, Girlsta, 40; 18-30 months – 2 ran – 1, A Nicolson’s Groesfaen Spot, Ollaberry, 52; 2, J Priest’s Mirk, Raewick, 43. Championship – 5 ran – 1, R Colclough’s Rosefield Pip, Yell, 52; 2, A Nicolson’s Groesfaen Spot, Ollaberry, 46; 3, AWP Hughson’s Lass, Girlsta, 44. Intermediate – 2 ran – 1, J Ramsay’s Meg, Ollaberry, 74 /100; 2, C Williamson’s Sweep, Ollaberry, 61; 3, B Smith’s Chip, Dunrossness, 59. Open – 16 ran – 1, J Ramsay’s Fly, Ollaberry, 79; 2, R Colclough’s Skye, West Sandwick, 67; 3, W Morrison’s Straid Nell, Yell, 58 Time; 4, C Williamson’s Moss, Ollaberry, 58 outbye; 5, AWP Hughson’s Tess, Girlsta, 58.

Great Glen (Judge: R McGregor, Whitebridge). Nursery – 5 ran – 1, M MacNally’s Glen, Invergarry, 96 Time; 2, J MacKillop’s Jed, Fort Augustus, 96; 3, JC MacLachlan’s Queen, Spean Bridge, 94. Open – 6 ran – 1, M MacNally’s Ash, Invergarry, 98; 2, J MacKillop’s Straid Ben, Fort Augustus, 95 time; 3, J MacKillop’s Zac, Fort Augustus, 95. Novice – 3 ran – 1, F Fulford’s Pip, Eracht, 49 /60; 2, F Berardelli’s Nan, Auchindaul, 46; 3, C McAlpine’s Kili, Ardnamurchan, 42.

Greystoke, Penrith (Judge: T Huddleston, North Westmorland). Open – 71 ran – 1, V Graham’s Pip, Clapormoor, 106/110; 2, T Rome’s Jack, Whitehaven, 104; 3, M McTeir’s Mak, Fountainhall,103; 4, E Gray’s Telf Joff, Great Elsdon,102; 5, J Saukkonen’s Gannon, Finland, 102; 6, K Donald’s Choc, Dalrymple, 101. Over £2000 raised for RABI from Stephen Relph Memorial series.