The Clydesdale Horse Society put on a display to remember on Friday afternoon at the show, celebrating the contribution that Clydesdale horses have given to agriculture over the years.

Almost 40 horses attached to various implements paraded around the ring, with an entertaining commentary from Peter Small, explaining the history of the breed, its uses over the years while the implements were paraded in order of the farming year.

Ian Roy, secretary of the Clydesdale Horse Society said: “We first floated this idea around two years ago, and have had many talks with The Royal Highland Agricultural Society (RHASS), about the format, the main ring space etc, and I have to say the society has been extremely generous in their funding and help in getting this display into the main ring.”

Society members Benny Duncan and George Skinner have been instrumental in gathering the implements, and it seems they weren’t difficult to find, with many of them being prized possessions of Clydesdale owners.

Ian continued: “What really impressed me was that even though we had knobbled around 15 people to try to help get the horses into the harnesses before the display, we easily had 50 or 60 Clydesdale people appear and work together to get the horses hitched up.

“We had an extended stand this year, which was sponsored by RHASS, which allowed us to display lots of pieces of machinery for the public to look at. I counted many Grandpas bringing their grandchildren along and talking to them about how they used to work with horses and what the machinery did, it was really touching, as well as educational.”

Showing the Clydesdale’s more recent uses, the mounted police willingly got involved, happily trotting around the ring.

Ian concluded: “To say we are over the moon is an understatement. The response from the public was overwhelming, and it was a terrific opportunity to promote our breed. I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the display.”