On a week of excellent work around the country, Willie Welsh and Cap topped the comparative score sheet, winning Doon Valley for the second successive year, with a near perfect run.

The Blackface gimmers waited very well at the top of the steep course, on a very hot day, and although the odd packet could bolt, if so inclined, that tendency declined later in the day. They could break from the pen, too, and were not easy to shed.

Cap (A Owen’s Llangwm Cap, M Jones’ June) ran out, lifted and fetched flawlessly but he turned the sheep a little too tightly round Willie at the post, before he drove them away on the first leg and navigated the drive flawlessly.

A clean pen followed and with the judge looking hard to find fault, he decided that when the gimmers split apart at the shed and Cap walked effortlessly between them to make his shed, the dog might have looked a little more diligent in completing the leading run of the week.

Neil McVicar’s Mist (RJ Hutchinson’s Sweep, IM Brownlie’s Mo) ran out and lifted cleanly and had only a very minor waver on the fetch, but she came low on the cross drive. Clean work at hand completed another fine run, taking second place ahead of equally pointed third, on outbye.

Stuart McCrindle’s Kate (S McCrindle’s Bill, M MacIlwraith’s Tanhill Nell) too, ran out and lifted ceanly, but had just a little more waver on the fetch than Mist. Kate’s slightly better drive brought the points level, and a clean finish maintained the equilibrium and Kate took third place.

The north country cheviot gimmers at Heriot were in grand fettle and were very good to handle on the big, flat course and although they were readily penned if not rushed, it was no easy task to single the last one of three sheep.

The first run of the day, Julie Hill’s Sid (J Hill’s Ban and Kim) ran out over the near national size outrun and lifted cleanly, had only very minor wavers on the fetch and drive, penned cleanly and completed the winning run with a very good shed, although he momentarily glanced at the pair before he singled out the target.

Sion Morgan’s Tess (E Nilsson’s Frej, A Wilkie’s (Nell) Queen) ran out to her sheep, and although she overshot them, she managed to make a clean lift. She had a minor waver on the fetch and had a very good drive, with just the slightest of waver. A clean pen and shed completed the run in second place, a single point behind Sid.

The Blackface gimmers at Cowal ran well on a rising course, but some packets were hard to shed. A very hot day turned first to rain, then to thunder and lightning.

Lisa Hansson’s Kinloch Nyx (RJ Hutchinson’s Sweep, A Driscoll’s Kinloch Sioux) topped the list with a good, steady run. She got off to a clean start with a minor waver on the fetch and a slightly wide turn round Lisa. The drive was very good, with just minor wavers at the gates, before the gimmers went through successfully. A clean finsh completed the winning run.

Neil Gillon’s Shweep (N Gillon’s Bhoy, S McCrindle’s Peg) worked very well outbye and on the course, and looked to be heading for a win, but when the first gimmer into the pen turned and broke out of the pen, she dashed Neil’s hopes of success. Shweep put her back where she belonged, penned the packet and made sure he only slipped down one position, into second place.

The Cheviot gimmers at Lochbroom ran well on a good, flat field on a hot day, and although they were not readily penned, they were more easily shed. The first three dogs were closely matched, only a point behind each other.

Hugh Johnstone’s Roy (H MacLean’s Roy, H Johnstone’s Fellgate Bella) started out cleanly, but her fetch wavered a little. The drive was good, but for wide turns in and out of the cross drive gate. A good pen and shed set the seal on the winning run.

John MacKillop’s Straid Ben (R Hutchinson’s Sweep, D Young’s Straid Goldie) had a steady start and a perfect drive, penned after a break and finished his run with a clean shed and second place.

Joe McKenzie’s Tweedie (G Simpson’s Del, W Davidson’s Tide) started well, but had minor wavers on the fetch and drive.

A clean pen and a good shed followed, although Tweedie was a little slow to come in, and the work earned third place.

LEADING awards

Doon Valley (Judge: K Brehmer, New Bythe). Open – 77 ran – 1, W Welsh’s Cap, Dalcairney, 98; 2, N McVicar’s Mist, Benmore, 96; 3, S McCrindle’s Kate, Palnackie, ; 4, N Gillon’s Shweep, Dailly, 95; 5, T Blacklock’s Ben, Kirkconnell, 92; 6, A McCulloch’s Sam, Dalmellington, 91; 7, I Fergie’s Rock, Straiton, 90; 8, SL Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen, Sandbank, 76; 9, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 89 Outbye; 10, A McCulloch’s Fern, Dalmellington, 89. Confined – 1, I Fergie’s Rock, Straiton, 90; 2, J Welsh’s Gail, Beoch, 84; 3, W Welsh’s Doug, Dalcairney,79; 4, B Welsh’s Tanhill Nobby, Moniaive,77. Young handler – J Welsh’s Gail, Beoch.

Heriot (Judge: WS Elliot, Yetholm). Open – 64 ran – 1, J Hill’s, Sid, Heriot, 96; 2 S Morgan’s Tess, Heriot, 95; 3, M Arres’Moss, Ashkirk, 93 outbye; 4, R Henderson’s Jude, Crawford, 93; 5, E Gray’s Tweeddale Jamie, Great Elsdon, 92 outbye; 6, RB Henderson’s Bonnie, Heriot, 92; 7, RB Henderson’s Tweed, Heriot, 92; 8, GC Gardner’s Meg, Lesmahagow, 91; 9, IM Brownlie’s Lia, Deuchrie, 90 outbye; 10, JA Common’s Taddymoor Mirk, Lockerbie, 90. Novice – 1, JM Common’s Queen, Lockerbie.

Cowal (Judge: JR Welsh, Dalrymple). Open – 55 ran – 1, L Hansson’s Kinloch Nyx, Glenlyon, 95; 2, N Gillon’s Shweep, Dailly, 93; 3, C Toner’s Tammi, Drimsynie, 92; 4, J Henderson’s Vic, Fairlie, 91; 5, SL Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen, Sandbank, 90; 6, R Middleton’s Jake, Neilston, 89; 7, J MacKillop’s Zac, Fort Augustus, 88 outbye; 8, C Dickson’s Stuart, Coldingham, 88. Local – 1, C Toner’s Tammi, Drimsynie, 92; 2, SL Davidson’s Gillieglen Queen, Sandbank, 90; 3, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 87; 4, A Kennedy’s Drift, Glendaruel, 85 outbye; 5, C Davidson’s Fuzz, Sandbank, 85; 6, C Toner’s Ali, Drimsynie, 79.

Lochbroom (Judge: A Cameron, Callander). Open – 64 ran – 1, H Johnstone’s Roy, Fyvie, 94; 2, J MacKillop’s Straid Ben, Fort Augustus, 93; 3, J McKenzie’s Tweedie, Turriff, 92; 4, EC MacKinnon’s Midge, Lochcarron, 91; 5, I Wilkie’s Floss, Keithhall, 90 outbye; 6, D Scrimgeour’s Jet, Wigton, 90; 7, P Martin’s Jill, Glenlyon, 88; 8, S Renwick’s Dice, Inverbroom, 87; 9, S Grant’s Tia, Strathcannaird, 80; 10, J MacKillop’s Zac, Fort Augustus, 79. Local –1, G MacDonald’s Tia, Ullapool; 2, F Renwick’s Fly, Inverbroom. Novice – 1, F Fulford’s Pip, Eracht, 47/60; 2, S Hurford’s Nell, Lochbroom, 35; 3, M McKenzie’s Jet, Auchiltibuie, 20.

Welsh National – 1, TAD Davies’ Peg; 2, B Behr’s Bendigedig Leni; 3, AL Owen’s Glenys; 4, JL Bowen’s Roy; 5, Ll Harries’ Preseli Fly; 6, KG Broad’s Kinloch Cade; 7, AL Evans’ Zac; 8, EL Morgan’s Spot; 9, M Jones’ Meg; 10, RFM Ellis’ Todd; 11, DJM Evans’ Lass; 12, DJM Evans’ Kemi Maid; 13, IL Evans’ GwnnwsMaid; 14, AL Owen’s Caleb; 15, DK Evans’ Hybeck Blake; Res, DM Howell’s Rock. Brace – 1, EW Jones’ Joe and Kate; 2, DK Evans’ Derwen Doug and Knockmaa Bec.