A very steady run at Skeld gave David Murray’s Sweep the lead over a closely packed list.

Skeld trial was set on a rough grass field, which had been topped and provided a 280 yd outrun. The ground sloped slightly down to the lift, and was wet in parts after heavy rain overnight. The weather was mild and damp in the morning, with heavy showers at midday, clearing in late afternoon. The tricky Cheviot cross Shetland gimmers proved a challenge on the course, and some packets were hard to pen.

Sweep (J McGee’s Silver and S McManus’ Nell) had a near perfect outrun and lift, and a slight waver on the fetch. The gimmers were a little offline on the drive and although they made a small break at the pen, Sweep secured them and completed the winning run with a near perfect shed.

Jerry Ramsay’s Meg (J Ramsay’s Cap, K Williamson’s Cassie) had an almost clean outrun and lift with just a slight waver on the fetch. The gimmers were a little offline on the drive, but Meg’s first shed was clean and she penned after a small break at the pen, then won the championship with a very good single.

David Murray’s unregistered Jill (A Brown’s Jock, L Hendry’s Wisp) won the limit class although their outrun and lift were not smooth, but they had only a slight waver on the fetch and penned after a slight break at the pen.

Alan Wilkie’s Spot took the lead at Clova, with a clean pen and an unfinished run, despite one awkward gimmer making trouble for him on a wet day.

The blackface gimmers were generally tricky to manage on a flat, 200 yd course and very hard to pen.

Early in the day, Spot (GE Lightfoot’s Cap, E Williams’ Bet) had a good outrun and lift, but the awkward customer began to show herself on the fetch where she was already trying to break from the packet. She was not keen to go round Alan at the post, but Spot pushed her on and drove the lot round and away on the first leg, with the trouble maker still unquashed. She fought her way to the cross drive, where she began to get the picture and although the line was twisted, Spot put them across and though the gate. He achieved a clean pen, and although time ran out before the shed was made, on a difficult day, he earned first place.

Mosse Magnusson’s Eddy (DK Evans’ Derwen Doug, I Fowler’s Flo) ran out and found that his sheep had moved off, but he handled them very well and made a decent fetch. He had a good drive, but missed his cross drive gate. The gimmers tried to break from the pen, but Eddy secured the packet and a good shed completed his run in second place, hot on the heels of Spot.

LEADING awards

Skeld, West Side, Shetland (Judge: J Thomason, Fetlar) Open – 27 ran - 1, D Murray’s Sweep, North Roe, 85; 2, J Ramsay’s Meg, Ollaberry, 83; 3, J Ramsay’s Fly, Ollaberry, 82; 4, AWP Hughson’s Tess, Girlsta, 80; 5, S Fraser’s Jan, Cullswick, 79; Championship – 4 ran - 1, J Ramsay’s Meg, Ollaberry, 98 /110; 2, D Murray’s Sweep, North Roe, 97; 3, S Fraser’s Jan, Cullswick, 81; Limit – 13 ran – 1, D Murray’s Jill, North Roe, 46 /60; 2, R Colclough’s Rosefield Pip, Westsandwick, 44 Outbye; 3, R Garrick’s Jess, Sandness, 44;

Glen Clova (Judge: IM Brownlie, Deuchrie) Open to Angus, Perthshire, Fife & Kincardineshire – 30 ran – 1, A Wilkie’s Spot, Glenmoy, 81; 2, M Magnusson’s Eddy, Mid Derry, 80; 3, S MacFarlane’s Willow, Blairgowrie, 79; 4, L Magnusson’s Gael, Mid Derry,78; 5, A Olofssson’s Fred, Alyth, 77; 6, L Magnusson’s Megan, Mid Derry,76;

Irish team - 1, M Gallagher’s Val; 2, M Lettner’s Glen; 3, JF Maginn’s Kate; 4, A Lyttle’s Twm; 5, F Cashen’s Mist; 6, JP McGee’s Glencregg Silver; 7, S Mosse’s Bob; 8, T Lambe’s Ben; 9, JP McGee’s Jess; 10, TA O’Sullivan’s North Hill Jess; 11, M Feeney’s Bob; 12, MN O’Malley’s Gwenno; 13, J McLaughlin’s Dan; 14, PJ Gallagher’s Jess; 15, M Hopkins’ Templemoyle Cain; Res, J McCloskey’s Bob; Brace – 1, JF Maginn’s Kated & Lad; Res, C McGarry’s Cora & Tara;

Northumberland League

Kirknewton (Judge; C Smart, Newcastleton) Open – 50 ran – 1, M Arres’ Doug, Ashkirk, 95; 2, JA Common’s Groesfaen Mac, Lockerbie, 93; 3, M McTeir’s Mak, Galasheils, 92.5; 4, M Davidson’s Groesfaen Taff, Lilburn, 91.5; 5, D Robertson’s Joe, Langholm, 90.5; 6, D Robertson’s Moss, Langholm, 88.5.