A sound run from Mosse Magnusson’s Don, on home ground at Mid Derry nursery led the trial by a comfortable margin.

The mixed packets of four ewes, of various crosses, ran exceptionally well on a rolling and gently rising course and let the young dogs show themselves to advantage.

Don (DK Evans’ Derwen Doug, T Procter's Gill) ran out just a little wide, and lifted the sheep slightly off line, which affected the start of the fetch. Once Don had them on line, he kept a good line on the fetch and followed that with a near perfect drive. A clean pen and shed completed the winning run.

Peter Martin’s Jill won the open at the same venue. The open course was set on a long gentle, downhill slope, and although the ewes again behaved tremendously well, they were not easily kept on line on the uphill, dog legged, fetch. Some dogs failed to make the most of them and gave up before they had completed the course. Jill (R Dalziel’s Joe, N McVicar’s Nikki) ran out cleanly to her sheep, lifted well, fetched with minor wavers and had a good drive, with only minor wavers of the line. A clean pen and shed set the seal on the winning run.

David McMullen’s Eve (JP McGee's Seth and Glencregg Becca) started out with a clean outrun and lift, and she too, had a good fetch with minor wavers. The drive went well and put Eve into the lead, until the ewes went through the cross drive gate and drifted way off line, and then as they made the return to the pen, they drifted off again. Despite that, Eve made a clean pen, although she was a little indecisive at her shed, and earned second place.

The Cheviot cross hoggs ran steadily on a downhill course at Dumfries House trial for nursery dogs, beginners and novices. The hardest part of the course for the inexperienced dogs was to hook the sheep from turning round the handler, and on to the first leg of the drive, before they made for the boundary fence.

Charlotte Derwent’s Maggie won the novice section with nursery kennel-mate Jill only two points behind, leading the nursery section with a massive 22 point lead.

Leading awards

Mid Derry (Judge: R Lewis, Killin) Nursery – 30 ran – 1, CM Magnusson’s Don, Mid Derry, 94; 2, CM Magnusson’s Rag, Mid Derry, 89 Outbye; 3, P Martin’s Ruby, Glenlyon, 89; 4, M Magnusson’s Eddie, Mid Derry, 85 Outbye; 5, A Olofsson’s Fred, Alyth, 85; 6, N Campbell’s Moss, Kinross, 83; 7, M Young’s Mic, Coupar Angus, 82; 8, J Hastie’s Rosie, Saline, 81; 9, D McMullen’s Bray, Glen Clova, 74 Outbye; 10, K Howlett’s Rob, Comrie,74. Novice – 1, C Rimmer’s Hope, Bridge of Cally, 66; 2, L Zeeck’s Akkio, Mid Derry 62; 3, L Christie’s Fudge, Crieff, 61.

Mid Derry (Judge: D Galbraith, Comrie) Open - 45 ran - 1, P Martin’s Jill, Glenlyon, 91; 2, D McMullen’s Eve, Glen Clova, 89; 3, CM Magnusson’s Rag, Mid Derry, 88; 4, N Gillon’s Shweep, Dailly, 87 Outbye; 5, A McCulloch’s Sam, Dalmellington, 87 Outbye; 6, S McCrindle’s Kate, Palnackie, 87.

Dumfries House (Judge: W Wesh, Dalmellington) Nursery – 10 ran – 1, C Derwent’s Jill, Dumfries House, 90; 2, D Mackinnon’ Jim, 68; 3, J Thomson’s Sid, Penpont, 67; 4, H Jackson’s Tom, Penpont, 65; 5, H Young’s Bryn, Crosshill, 64; 6, K Craig’s Kate, Tulliemet, 62. Novice -1, C Derwent’s Maggie, Dumfries House, 92; 2, J L’Etang’s Slip, Slamannan, 87; 3, C Derwent’s Dot, Dumfries House, 81; 4, R Dunlop’s Cass, Dalry, 79 Outbye; 5, G Hodge’s Tom, Barrhill, 79; 6, J Welsh’s Gail, Beoch, 73. Beginners – 1, D Mackinnon’ Jim, 68; 2, J Ralston’s Nan, Kilsyth, 59; 3, J Barrowman’s Tess, Stranraer, 49.

Skeld, Shetland (Judge: S Fraser, Cullswick) Nursery – 1, B Smith’s Queen, Dunrossness, 77; 2, R Colclough’s Rosefield Pip, Westsandwick, 72; 3, J Ramsay’s Bud, Ollaberry, 70; 4, J Ramsay’s Nan, Ollaberry, 64; 5, D Murray’s Jill, North Roe, 61. Novice – 1, R Colclough’s Rosefield May, Westsandwick; 2, R Farquhar’s Jack.

Northumberland Nursery League – The Heugh (Judge: K Brooks, Hexham) Nursery – 20 ran – 1, E Gray’s Megan, Great Elsdon, 85; 2, M Davidson’s Blair, Lilburn, 77; 3, C Balmbro’s Bill, Wooler, 72; 4, P Turnbull’s Deb, Debdon,71 Outbye; 5, P Telfer’s Gin, Haydon Bridge, 71; 6, M Davidson’s Poppy, Lilburn, 69. Novice - C Pattinson’s Jean Roman Wall.