Another show cancellation has been caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and this time it is East Kilbride Show which was scheduled for July 25.

The show's chairman, Sandy Wilkie, said: "We are currently living through totally unprecedented times as this nasty wee virus, having wreaked havoc around the world in just a few short months, also causes the cancellation of our own efforts at celebrating all that’s good about “Food and Farming” around East Kilbride.

"As long as there was still a realistic chance – and we weren’t incurring any further financial costs – that restrictions on public gatherings may have been eased by the end of July, we have continued to keep the door open in the hope that we might be able to say, 'The Show WILL go on' but alas, that quite clearly, is no longer the case.

"The health, safety and wellbeing of our members, exhibitors, competitors, sponsors, staff and general public, has always been our number one priority during all of our deliberations but as it gradually became more obvious that we couldn’t guarantee that, the decision to cancel was becoming unavoidable.

"Thank you everyone, for your continued support of the society and of East Kilbride Farm Animal Show, in these VERY challenging times - I apologise for being the bearer of bad tidings but I trust you understand why this extreme decision was necessary," said Mr Wilkie.