Good work at hand gave Neil McVicar’s Baledmund Pete a comfortable lead over a closely packed list at Cashlie.

Fresh from the hill, the Cheviot hoggs were lively, but manageable; the bogey of the day was the pen, where many good runs came to grief.

The weather was glorious, and for many handlers it was the first trial for more than a year. The course rose gently to the right, and a rocky outcrop there could put the dogs out of sight if they ran out to the right. There were no gates on the fetch.

Pete (IM Brownlie’s Boredale Gus, J Menzies’ Baledmund Jess) ran out a little past his sheep, but a whistle brought him back on to them and he lifted cleanly. His fetch went well and the drive was good, with just minor wavers off the line. A very good pen by the standard of the day and a clean shed secured first place, with a clear gap between himself and the also rans.

Peter Martin’s Daisy (D Naylor’s Straid Moss, P Martin’s Jill) started out well and had a good fetch, although she was offline on the start of her drive away. The drive went well but return to the pen was a little wide. Daisy worked well to cope with one awkward hogg and penned the packet. The hoggs were lively at the shed and the independently minded one broke away; Daisy retrieved her and gave the judge the last two, and completed her run in second place.

Elinor Nilsson’s Midderry Kid (R Hutchinson’s Sweep, L Magnusson’s Kate) responded to the whistle on his outrun, lifted his sheep and achieved one of the best fetches of the day. His drive was good too and an excellent pen followed. However, a mistake on the way to the shed marred the close work and good work already achieved on the course, putting Kid in third place – a single point behind Daisy.

LEADING awards

Cashlie (Judge: A MacLean, Dunoon). Open – 56 ran – 1, N McVicar’s Baledmund Pete, Benmore, 90; 2, P Martin’s Daisy, Glenlyon, 87; 3, E Nilsson’s Midderry Kid, Balintore, 86; 4, T McPhee’s Scott, Wick, 85 Outbye; 5, P Martin’s Corrie (Cora), Glenlyon, 85; 6, R Howatson’s Jed, Fairlie, 81 Outbye; 7, S Martin’s Misty, Cashlie, 81; 8, I Lockhart's Bill, Dalrymple, 81; 9, A McCuish’s Andy, Skipness, 79; 10, L Hansson’s Lisbon, Glenlyon,79.

England – Deerplay Hill – four–day championship

Deerplay Hill I (Judge: C Mellin, Oakworth). Open – 70 ran – 1, J McCloskey’s Sid, Ireland, 110 /130; 2, F McCulloch’s Cap, Co Down, 101; 3, M Day’s June, Alwinton,100; 4, J Dumbleton's Sid, Bollington, 97; 5, J McCloskey’s Jimmy, Ireland, 95; 6, T Longton’s Jim, Quernmore, 93. Young handler – 1, C Dumbleton, Bollington, 70; 2, P Og Morgan, Wales, 69.

Deerplay Hill II (Judge: G Jones, Wales). Open – 70 ran – 1,R Watson’ Roy, Millom, 105 /120; 2, D Jenkins’ Tyngraig Cadi, Wales, 104; 3, C Cropper’s Ali, Drimsynie, 103; 4, RJ Hutchinson’s Denwyn Moya, Littledale, 102 Outbye; 5, D Wood’s Roy, Derwent Bamford, 102; 6, M Longton’s Rex, Quernmore, 100. Young handler – 1, O Watson’s Stripe, Millom.

Deerplay Hill III (Judge: RJ Hutchinson, Littledale). Open – 80 ran – 1, N Watkins’ Tanhill Alex, Wales, 111 /130; 2, C McGarry’s Karven Dave, Ireland, 99 Outbye; 3, D Wood’s Polly, Derwent Bamford, 99; 4, D Davies’ Sali, Wales, 97; 5, P Fanning’s Bruce, Ireland, 96; DK Evans’ Knockmaa Bec, Libanus, 96. Young handler – 1, C Pattinson’s Jean, Roman Wall.

Deerplay Hill double gather (Judge: A McCulloch, Dalmellington). Championship – 18 ran – 1, RJ Hutchinson’s Denwyn Moya, Littledale, 171 /190; 2, N Watkins’ Tanhill Alex, Wales, 170; 3, F McCulloch’s Cap, Co Down, 168; 4, D Wood’s Polly, Derwent Bamford, 163; 5, M Day’s June, Alwinton,162; 6, M Longton’s Rex, Quernmore, 161; 7, C Dumbleton's Dell, Bollington,151. Young handler – 1, C Dumbleton’s Dell, Bollington; 2, P Og Morgan’s Tip, Wales.