No spectators and their encouragement didn’t stop Adam Berry from clinching his first ever open championship at the Royal Highland Showcase last weekend.

Competition was as tough as ever in the MacRobert Pavillion, with the event broadcasted across the world to supporters sitting at home. The added bonus for viewer was the cheeky chappie duo of Dye Clark and Findlay Smith keeping everyone right from their commentary seats.

Although a very different event, it was one to remember for Adam who has competed for many years and has come close to the title, bagging the runner up and third place numerous times.

Pulling the cord on 11 minutes 16 seconds for 16 sheep in the final, with the lowest pen mark of 85, helped Adam secure a total score of 39.113.

Having his own shearing run down in Kendal for the past 20 years, as well as travelling over to Norway for the two seasons, Adam certainly has plenty of experience under his belt.

The fastest time of 11m and 4s secured Scotland’s Calum Shaw the reserve honours in the competition, and his pen mark of 119 gave him a total score of 40.638. Fellow Scot, Hamish Mitchell, came in at third, with a pen mark and total score of 91 and 40.988 respectively in 11m 46s.

Setting himself up well for the open final, Calum secured the national championship for the third time with a pen mark of 91 in the fastest time of 11m and 27s, accumulating to a total score of 40.417. Aged 30, Calum has been competing in shearing competitions since he was 15 and all over the UK. He's been shearing on home soil this year, having previously done 10 seasons over in New Zealand.

After his success in the open, Hamish Mitchell picked up 123 in his pen mark and pulled the cord at 11m and 39s for the 15 sheep, to land himself the national runner-up this year with a total score of 43.150.

The yellow ticket was awarded to Archie Paterson with a pen mark of 109 in 13m and 9s creating a total score of 46.717.

In the blade final, it was Elfed Jackson, from Wales, who came out on top with a pen mark of 88 and pressed his buzzer on 13m 45s to land a total score of 63.250. Elfed had previously won this award twice before and although previously was a shearer, he now farms full time.

Just 0.8 points behind was Mark Armstrong with a total score of 64.050, comprising of the lowest pen mark of 50 in a time of 17m and 11s. Claiming the third spot in the final was William Craig, with a low pen mark of 51 in 18m and 47s to accumulate 69.100 in his total score.

A much smaller show of wool handlers battled it out for the top spot From the open competition, it was Rosie Keenan that led the way.

Her lowest board mark and table mark of 17 and 71, respectively, ensured a first prize ticket in a time of 1m and 26s once the last shearer pulled the cord, to grab a total score of 99.200.

Sitting in second, with a total score of 105.800 – board mark of 23 and table mark of 75 – in the fastest time of 1m 9s was Emily Shepperd. Isla Shaw was third with a total score of 148.000 in 1m 20s.

In the novice section, Mairead Fox topped the section with a board mark of 14 and a table mark of 38 in an impressive 1m 13s, to total a score of 60.600. Reserve honours was bagged by Jessica Marwick who stopped her timer at 1m 44s, with a board and table mark of 19 and 44, respectively, creating a total score of 77.800.

The previous day witnessed the juniors, intermediates and seniors take to the platform and it was worth the journey up from Wales for Ilyr Jones, who bagged the senior championship with a pen mark of 80 and pulling the cable at 9m and 5s, to create a total score of 37.250. Aged just 23 there is a lot of potential for this young shearer who travels over to New Zealand and Norway for the seasons as well as across the UK. he's no stranger to the podium having previously one the Great Yorkshire in 2019.

It was a tight final, though, with the runner-up, Adam Wood, from Scotland, finishing with a pen mark of 83 and a total score of 37.575 in 9m and 4s. The lowest pen mark of 75 came from fellow Scot, Sean Cursiter, who finished his eight sheep in 9m and 14s for a final score of 39.075.

Speed in the intermediates was enough for Stuart Paterson to gain the top spot with the fastest time of 7 minutes and 41 seconds. Having only competed here once, the 30-year-old gained his shearing experience abroad and now shears most of the season in the UK. His pen mark of 52 created a total score of 33.450 for the five sheep he had to shear.

Runner up in the intermediates was Steven Anderson, with the joint lowest pen mark of 39 pulling the cord at 8m 38s to bag a 33.700 total score. Not far behind and being awarded the third prize ticket was Kevin Sutherland, with a pen mark of 51 and a time of 8m and 15s to make a total score of 34.950.

Steven Anderson was also successful in the juniors, bagging the top spot with a total score of 39.450 made up of a pen mark of 41 and a total time of 10m 25s for the five sheep shorn in the final.

At the young age of 19 years old this is the second time competing at Ingliston as well as various other competitions throughout the country. Shearing full time with his unclehis ambition is to go abroad to gain more shearing experience.

Reserve honours was awarded to Liam Tinney, another from Scotland. With a pen mark of 52, he pulled the cord at 10m 11s to give him a total score of 40.950. Phillip Buchanan secured third with a total score of 42.400 created by a pen mark of 49 and a final time of 10m 52s.

LEADING awards

Open (20 hoggs) – 1, Adam Berry (85 pen mark, 5.313 pen score, 11 min 16 sec, 39.113 total); 2, Calum Shaw (119, 7.438, 11m 4s, 40.638); 3, Hamish Mitchell (91, 5.688, 11m 46s, 40.988); 4, Andrew Baillie (116, 7.250, 11m 37s, 42.100); 5, Nick Greaves (110, 6.875, 12m 2s, 42.975); 6, Alister Shaw (120, 7.500, 13m 59s, 49.450).

Scottish national (15) – 1, Calum Shaw (91, 6.067, 11m 27s, 40.417); 2, Hamish Mitchell (123, 8.200, 11m 39s, 43.150); 3, Archie Paterson (109, 7.267, 13m 9s, 46.717); 4, Andrew Baillie (113, 7.533, 13m 7s, 46.883); 5, Adam Wood (156, 13.750, 13m 45s, 51.650); 6, Alister Shaw (120, 8.000, 14m 40s, 52.000).

Open blade (Four) – 1, Elfed Jackson (88, 22.000, 13m 45s, 63.250); 2, Mark Armstrong (50, 12.500, 17m 11s, 64.050); 3, William Craig (51, 12.750, 18m 47s, 69.100) 4, Rheinallt Huges (80, 20.000, 17m 17s, 71.850); 5, Archie Paterson ( 156, 39.000, 11m 46s, 74.300); 6, Cameron Wilson (143, 35.750, 14m 34s, 79.450).

Senior (Eight) – 1, Ilyr Jones (80, 10.000, 9m 5s, 37.250); 2, Adam Wood (83, 10.375, 9m 4s, 37.575); 3, Sean Cursiter (75, 11.375, 9m 14s, 39.075); 4, Kevin Sutherland (107, 13.375, 10m 23s, 44.525); 5, Ifan Davies (101, 12.625, 10m 50s, 45.125); 6, Murray Craig (81, 10.125, 12m 37s, 47.975).

Intermediate (Five) – 1, Stuart Paterson (52, 10.400, 7m 41s, 33.450); 2, Steven Anderson (39, 7.800, 8m 38s, 33.700); 3, Kevin Sutherland (51, 10.200, 8m 15s, 34.950); 4, Richard Lancaster (39, 7.800, 9m 20s, 35.800); 5, Stanley Hibbert (54, 10.800, 8m 32s, 36.400); 6, Edward Parry (52, 10.400, 10m 30s, 41.900).

Juniors (Five) – 1, Steven Anderson (41, 8.200, 10m 25s, 39.450); 2, Liam Tinney (52, 10.400, 10m 11s, 40.950); 3, Phillip Buchanan (49, 9.800, 10m 52s, 42.400); 4, Murray Craig (36, 7.200, 11m 49s, 42.650); 5, Deio Williams (77, 15.400, 10m 48s, 47.800); 6, Daniel Kerr (92, 10.817, 10m 49s, 50.850).

Open wool handling – 1, Rosie Keenan (17 board mark, 71 table mark, 1minute 26sec, 99.200 total); 2, Emily Shepperd (23, 75, 1m 9s, 105.800); 3, Isla Shaw (33, 105, 1m 20s, 148.000); 4, Caitlin Bell (26, 133, 1m 51s, 175.200).

Novice wool handling – 1, Mairead Fox (14, 38, 1m 13s, 60.600); 2, Jessica Marwick (19, 44, 1m 44s, 77.800); 3, Lizzy Thompson (16, 47, 1m 50s, 79.000); 4, Sarah Whitelaw (23, 62, 1m 24s, 95.800).