Some 43 calves were forward for the Lanarkshire Young Farmers’ Calf Rally on the Friday evening of LiveScot, with all being sold the following day.

Champion was an 808kg Limousin cross heifer from Cameron Armstrong of Biggar YFC, which later sold for 359p per kg or £2900 to Hugh Black and Sons.

Cameron’s brother Robbie Armstrong landed the reserve with a 784kg Charolais cross bullock, which also won the biggest weight gain of 372kg. It made 319p or £2500 to Cooper quality butchers.

Amy Lindsay picked up the award for the most profit award, with the trophy for the best stockman presented to James Fleming while Ruth Haddow claimed the best stockwoman.

Leading Awards

Unhaltered bullocks – 1, Vicky Haddow; 2, Sarah Whitelaw; 3, Robbie Armstrong.

Unhaltered heifers – 1, Clark Ferguson; 2, Clare Millar; 3, Amy Douglas.

Heifers 495kg to 550kg – 1, Sarah Comrie; 2, Alan Lindsay; 3, Amy Lindsay.

Bullocks 555kg to 590kg – 1, Vicky Haddow; 2, Jane Currie; 3, Nathan Parlett.

Heifers 560kg to 585kg – 1, Jack Young; 2, Jane Lindsay; 3, Eilidh Armstrong.

Bullocks 595kg to 620kg – 1, James Currie; 2, Sarah Whitelaw; 3, Hazel Parlett.

Heifers 590kg to 625kg – 1, Vicky Haddow; 2, James Fleming; 3, Ross Comrie.

Bullocks 635kg to 665kg – 1, Jane Lindsay; 2, Alan Lindsay; 3, Ruth Haddow.

Heifers 640kg to 810kg – 1, Cameron Armstrong; 2, Amy Lindsay; 3, Clare Millar.

Bullocks – 685kg to 785kg – 1, Robbie Armstrong; 2, John Wight; 3, Laura Wight.