Good work outbye, on the course and at hand gave John MacDiarmid’s Floss a narrow lead over the field at Lochcarron.

Cheviot gimmers went steadily if dogs kept back off them, but otherwise could take off at speed down the flat field. Some handlers seemed to focus on the dogs rather than on the sheep and missed their gates as a consequence.

John MacDiarmid’s Floss (J MacDiarmid’s Moss and Rule Bess) ran out and lifted cleanly, had a good fetch and a good drive. A clean pen and a good shed gave her the edge and she finished in first place.

John MacKillop’s Skye Glen (SL Davidson’s Dan, S Campbell’s Queen) also started out well, with a clean outrun and lift, and had a good fetch. His drive went well, marred only by wide turns through both gates. Good close work completed the run in second place, a single point behind Floss.

Fraser Shennan’s litter brothers, Fred and Nap (E Gray’s Reiver Gray, F Shennan’s Belle), took the top two places at Gaups Mill. The Blackface ewe lambs were good to handle round a good, flat course, but could be tricky to pen.

Fraser’s Fred ran out on a good line, and although he overshot his sheep a little, he lifted cleanly and had a good fetch. He turned the sheep nicely around the post and kept good lines on the drive, although his turn out of the cross drive gate was wider than ideal.

A straightforward pen and a good shed set the seal on the winning run with a long lead over the field.

Nap ran out and lifted cleanly and fetched the sheep down on a good line. The first leg of the drive wavered a little, but Nap put his sheep through both sets of gates. The sheep became unsettled after that, causing difficulties at hand, but with good work already achieved outbye and on the course, Nap took second place.

In the pro-novice section Bob Malcolm’s unregistered Gael got off to an excellent start outbye, but after a good first leg of the drive, slipped the gate. The cross drive was fine and good work at hand completed the run with another clear lead over her class.

The Cheviot gimmers at Badanloch were reluctant to be penned, but some young dogs struggled to find the sheep beyond rough ground at the top, and the task of fetching them down through a hollow tested their inexperience.

Ian Sutherland’s Dan (Hielan Cap) (J MacDiarmid’s Rab, S Robertson’s Ruby) were a little short on his outrun, but lifted cleanly. His fetch and drive went well with just minor wavers and steady work at hand gave him the lead, with the runner up hot on his heels.

Daniel Worthington’s Bob (GA Lewis’ Glen, E Vaughan’s Kim) stopped short twice on his outrun before he too, lifted cleanly, but the line of his fetch wavered before the gimmers went through the gate. His drive was excellent and his pen clean. At the shed, Bob turned to the discarded sheep, but Daniel redirected him and they finished in second place.

Leading Awards

Lochcarron (Judge: A Cameron, Callander). Open – 55 ran – 1, J MacDiarmid’s Floss, Eynort, 91; 2, J MacKillop's Skye Glen, Fort Augustus. 90; 3, I Sutherland’s Sid, Strathnaver, 89 outbye; 4, I MacKay’s Spur, Leanach, 89; 5, I Sutherland’s Cap, Strathnaver, 88 outbye; 6, I Wilkie’s Pip, Tillypronie, 88; 7, M MacNally's Ash, Invergarry, 87 outbye; 8, J MacKillop'sViking Jed, Fort Augustus, 87. Novice – P Stewart’s Tam, New Kelso. Young handler – D MacDiarmid’s Rab, Eynort.

Gaups Mill (Judge: I Lockhart, Carsphairn). Nursery –15 ran – 1, F Shennan’s Fred, Barr, 89; 2, F Shennan’s Nap, Barr, 77; 3, D Robertson’s Zak, Langholm, 74; 4, AR Mundell’s Jock, Moffat, 57 outbye; 5, J Thomson’s Roy, Carsphairn, 57; 6, WJ Welsh’s Bancroft Jam, Sanquhar. Pro-novice – 1, R Malcolm’s Gael, Gatehouse, 83; 2, D Robertson’s Mirk, Langholm, 74; 3,T Blacklock’s Chip, Kirkconnel.

Badanloch (Judge: M Cook, Halkirk). Nursery – 22 ran – 1, I Sutherland’s Dan (Hielan Cap), Strathnaver, 88; 2, D Worthington’s Bob (Albert), Skarfskerry, 86; 3, G Simpson’s Greiston Mick, Forgue, 78; 4, H MacKenzie’s Glen, Badanloch, 73; 5, G van Dyck’s Lhinnek Rum, Invergordon, 71; 6, N Sutherland’s Usk Valley Rex, Strathnaver, 53; 7, G van Dyck’s Skye, Invergordon, 50; 8, J Grant’s Nell, Dunbeath, 49; 9, N Sutherland’s Mali, Strathnaver, 45; 10, S Campbell’s Coll, Skye, 42.