An exceptionally smooth, high scoring run from Tyler McKinlay’s Heatherstane Squiggle at Peebles had the edge over Sandy McCulloch’s equally pointed Sam.

The clipped Blackface hoggs behaved well on a rising course that gave spectators a good view of the work, but they were not keen on the cross drive gate and tended to bolt through it; the time it took the dogs to redirect the sheep making for wide turns.

Squiggle (H Brown’s Mac and Heatherstane Keeve) worked faultlessly outbye. On the drive, her turn through the drive away gate was a fraction wide, and she had a minor waver on the cross drive before the hoggs went through the gate; although they went through at speed, causing a wide turn, a clean pen and shed put the run into contention for first place, which eventually materialised.

Sam (A Lehtio’s Coel, BJ Bowen’s Pat), started his run with clean work outbye, but on the cross drive gate, the packet bolted through, producing a wide turn, although Sam was quick to stop them. Another clean finish put Sam level on points with Squiggle, eventually settling for second place.

Rough Cheviot hoggs ran well on the narrow Great Glen course at Auchindaul, but some packets drifted off line on the drive. Despite that, all dogs had a good chance to show themselves, but some handlers failed to make the most of their sheep. The pen was close to the cross drive gate so there was not much time either to realign the sheep on the return or for the handler to reach the pen to collect them.

Stuart Davidson’s Dan (RW Harris’ Flynn and Straid Joe) ran out and lifted well and had a good, flowing fetch. He kept good lines on the drive, and worked well on the quick return to get his packet lined up and heading into the pen. A good shed set the seal on the winning run.

Ian Sutherland’s Dan (Hielan Cap) (J MacDiarmid’s Rab, S Robertson’s Ruby), got off to a good start outbye, and had a good drive and a good pen. A rushed shed, in needless fear of time running out, detracted a little from the good work achieved, and Dan took second place.

Rough cross-bred hoggs at Carsphairn were not readily manoeuvred round the compact, flat field and unforgiving of dogs that tried to rush them. They tended to attempt to break for the exhaust pen as they turned round the handler and on to the drive away.

Neil Gillon’s Boss (S Perellio’s Murgia Jim, R Hutchinson’s Denwyn Moya) stopped short on his outrun, but he reached his sheep and took control of them. The line of the fetch wavered, but the drive went well and a good pen followed. Experienced handling and effort combined to deliver a successful shed and Boss won the trial with a long lead over the field.

Leading Awards

Peebles (Judge: K Wood, Blairlogie). Open – 65 ran – 1, T McKinlay’s Heatherstane Squiggle, Parkhall, 96; 2, A McCulloch’s Sam, Dalmellington, 96; 3, C Dickson’s Tom, Coldingham, 94, 4, IM Brownlie’s Lark, Dunbar, 93; 5, I Fleming’s Belle, Douglas, 92 outbye; 6, AD Carnegie’s Suus, Comrie, 92.

Great Glen (Judge: S Campbell, Uig). Open – 62 ran – 1, SL Davidson’s Dan, Sandbank, 94; 2, I Sutherland’s Dan (Hielan Cap), Strathnaver, 92; 3, L Ronaldson’s Bob, Wick, 91; 4, AD Carnegie’s Suus, Comrie, 90; 5, M MacNally’s Creag, Invergarry, 87 outbye; 6, S Martin’s Cherry, Cashlie, 87 outbye; 7, SL Davidson’s Maid, Sandbank, 87; 8, C Davidson’s Kyle, Sandbank, 83 outbye. Local – 1, M MacNally’s Creag, Invergarry, 87; 2, F Fulford’s Nelly, Eracht, 83; 3, J MacKillop’s Viking Jed, Fort Augustus, 80; 5, K Strachan’s Mirk, Roybridge, 76; 5, JC MacLachlan’s Bob, Spean Bridge, 72; 6, JC MacLachlan’s Queen, Spean Bridge, 67.

Carsphairn (Judge: C Toner. Drimsynie). Open – 42 ran – 1, N Gillon’s Boss, Barr, 89; 2, WJ Welsh’s Heyshaw Fletch, Sanquhar, 80 outbye; 3, A Stewart’s Annandale Spot, Lockerbie, 80; 4, J Paterson’s Scalpsie Roy, Kirkcowan, 79; 5, C Armstrong’s Mirk, Archbank, 77; 6, P Walton’s Scott, Alston, 74.