A perfect run from Elinore Nilsson’s Avon Jacob topped a big entry with a comfortable lead over able dogs and handlers at Blairgowrie.

The clipped Mule hoggs ran well on a good, flat field, despite heavy rain throughout most of the day, and gave all dogs a chance to show their ability, but they needed to be handled with some care.

Jacob (AP Gallagher’s Cain, A Warmington’s Kim) worked faultlessly outbye, establishing a feeling for the sheep that seemed to suit them perfectly. He drove them smoothly round the course in a well controlled manner and clean work at hand completed the winning run.

Judge, George Simpson, described the work as: “The best run I’ve ever seen.”

An early afternoon run from Neil Campbell’s Moss had set the standard for the lead some hours prior to Eli and Jacob going to the post and earning pole position.

Moss (Ll Harries’ Preseli Jock, R Millichap’s Del) ran out and lifted cleanly and although he had minor wavers on his fetch and a slightly wide turn out of the drive away gate, a clean pen and shed gave him the erstwhile lead.

Hot on his heels were two different, but equally pointed runs from father and son Peter and Stephen Martin with Ivy and Cherry respectively. Outbye work separated the Glenlyon duo.

Ivy (K Freeman’s Mac, K Howlett’s Meg) ran out and lifted her sheep without a fault, but one hogg broke on the fetch and another followed her round the gate, rather than through it. Ivy reunited the packet and kept them under control from there on and achieved a very good drive. A clean pen and shed helped to mitigate the fetch gate incident and Ivy took third place.

Cherry (M Davidson’s Angus, P Martin’s Daisy) was a fraction tight on her outrun, but worked steadily, with just the most minor of flaws on the way round, but more clean work at hand put the run into fourth place.

Leading Awards

Blairgowrie (Judge: G Simpson, Forgue). Open – 82 ran – 1, E Nilsson’s Avon Jacob, Alyth, 100 /100; 2, N Campbell’s Moss, Kinross, 95; 3, P Martin’s Ivy, Glenlyon, 94 outbye; 4, S Martin’s Cherry, Cashlie, 94; 5, A Wilkie’s Spot (Mot), Glenmoy, 92; 6, IM Brownlie's Lark, Dunbar, 91 outbye; 7, A Giakoumi’s Gyra, Perth, 91; 8, P Martin’s Tilly, Glenlyon, 90; 9, M Gallagher’s Hillrunner Bee, Alyth, 88; 10, H Mitchell’s Dan, Glenfarg, 85. Local – 1, E Nilsson’s Avon Jacob, Alyth, 100 /100; 2, A Wilkie’s Spot (Mot), Glenmoy, 92; 3, M Gallagher’s Hillrunner Bee, Alyth, 88; 4, M Gallagher’s Hillrunner Shep, Alyth, 84; 5, S MacFarlane’s Hillrunner Jim, Blairgowrie, 80.