Permanent Full Time Herd Person Position on Grassland Dairy in Scotland

Farming Partners run grassland Spring Block Calving New Zealand style dairies in Scotland. We are a team of grass fanatics focusing on People, Cows and Grass.

People: - Our business is built around people.
- We have proven reputation of bringing people through the ranks from student placement, dairy assistant, farm manager to owning a share of the business and cows.
- Career progression planning with our team members.
- Wealth of experience within the group to be shared informally on a daily basis and in organised learning days.

Cows: - 600+ Friesian X Jersey cows with our own replacements. - High health status, low mortality.
- All hoof trimming carried out in house after on farm formal training by vet.
- Yield 6200L/annum, and 550kg milk solids.
- 80% 6 week in calf rate, 15% replacement rate, 1% calf mortality.

Grass: - We measure grass weekly.
- We use Agrinet grass software to upload grass cover and make grazing decisions.
- All farms have been greenfield dairy conversions with newly developed road & water infrastructure.
- 16.1 tonne DM grown last year, grazing started 25th Jan and finished 17th November.

Role: Includes all jobs on this type of farm from milking, animal husbandry, measuring grass, paddock allocation during the grazing season to shed work in winter, calving, calf rearing in Spring. All routine jobs are organised on a weekly rota basis. Initially your role will depend on experience with the goal of getting up-skilled on all jobs on the farm over time. Accommodation can be provided.

Applications genuinely interested in a career in grassland dairy farming please contact Maureen at: muldowneymo@gmail.com or call 07926491178.

Tel: 07926 491178 | E-mail: muldowneymo@gmail.com
Web: Not specified | Closing Date: Not specified

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