Top honours at Penrith and District Farmers’ Christmas show and sale of prime bulls and clean cattle were awarded to a 486kg Limousin heifer from A Barnett, Brinns Farm, which later sold for the lead price per kg of 300p or £1458 to Cocklakes Farm Shop, Penruddock.

Top price per head however was £1534.55, paid for the first prize young bull, a 19-month-old 729kg cross Limousin from David Raine, Old Parks, which made 210.5p to JA Jewitt, Low House.

LEADING prices

Prime bulls – Lim – £1534.55, £1404.00, £1348.93 Old Parks; £1217.58 Manor Farm (Pearson). BS – £1381.58,Croft Ends Farm. Char – £1362.47 Manor Farm (Pearson). BB – £1111.32 Ratten Castle. P per kg – Lim – 215.5p Manor Farm (Pearson); 210.5p, 200.0p, 197.5p Old Parks. Char – 205.5p Manor Farm (Pearson).

BB – 171.5p (x2) Ratten Castle. BS – 163.5p Croft Ends Farm

Bullocks – Lim – £1514.30, Little Croft. Per kg – Lim – 190.0p, Little Croft.

Heifers – Lim – £1514.30 Little Croft; £1512.50, £1458.00, £1336.44 Brinns Farm; £1352.40, £1319.76, £1230.12, £1134.84 Old Parks; £1262.07, £1192.76 High Beckside. BB – £1072.50 Croft Ends Farm.