Profile: Patsy Hunter

The Scottish Farmer: Patsy Hunter

Business & Technical Editor

23 years with The Scottish Farmer and Business & Technical Editor, producing and editing articles relating to all shows and sales of pedigree and commercial types of livestock throughout Scotland and all the major events south of the Border and in Ireland, along with my colleague on the business desk, Kayley Kennedy.

The business section includes writing market trends, technical reports and occasional news stories, therefore we attend technical conferences and keep in touch with the various breed societies, livestock markets, meat companies and marketing boards as much as possible.

Outwith the business section myself, Lynsey and Kayley are also responsible for selecting and writing the huge number of farm features that appear in The Scottish Farmer, which even includes straying into the arable and lifestyle sectors of The Scottish Farmer !

Outwith the publication, my sad hobbies include all aspects of farm life, in particular working at home with a pure-bred flock of Blackface sheep, but also all types of pedigree livestock.

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