Heavyweight hoggs from R and R Braes, Burnshot, were crowned overall champion winners at an annual show and sale of prime Blackface lambs at Caledonian Marts' Stirling, on Tuesday.

The lambs, selected by judge, Andrew Argo, Lockerbie, scaled 46.5kg and went on to sell for £86 per head.

James Duncan Millar, Remony, Aberfeldy, picked up the reserve honours with a pen of 42.7kg hoggs that made £80 per head.

The mart's weekly prime sale attracted an entry of 2679 hoggs, ewes and rams and saw heavy, fleshier types harder to cash with the result the overall average for 1846 old season lambs levelled at 180p per kg (-9.8p on the week).

Top price was £104 per head paid for a 50kg Beltex from WM Bell and Son, Craigend, Perth, who also produced the lead price per kg at 239p for 40kg Beltex.

The entry of 833 cast sheep saw ewes sharper on the week with heavy ewes averaging £75.80 having sold to £125 for a Texel from J McKerrow, Riverview, Bo’Ness. Light ewes levelled at £46.54 peaking at £60 for Cheviots from J Gilvear and Sons, Graystale, Stirling.

A Texel from J McKerrow, Riverview, also topped the cast tup trade at £80.

LEADING awards

Blackface hoggs – Up to 40kg – 1 and 2, Glenturret Estates; 39.5kg at £72 and 39.2kg at £71; 3, D Rock, Knock O Ronald; 35.6kg at £63.

40-44kg – 1, Remony Estate Partnership; 42.7kg at £80; 2 and 3, Glenturret Estates; 40kg at £73 and 41.9kg at £74.

44kg+ – 1, R and R Braes, Burnshot; 46.5kg at £86; 2, Remony Estate Partnership; 47.8kg at £81; 3, C Little, East Bracklinn; 44.3kg at £78