Specialist artificial breeding technology company, AB Europe has appointed cattle vet, Paddy Buckley to its in-vitro embryo production (IVP) team.

Mr Buckley who hails from a family background of cattle vets in Ireland and qualified at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, has worked in large animal practices throughout the UK before establishing Target Veterinary Service, specialising in cattle fertility. His induction to AB Europe included eight weeks training in specific IVP techniques in New Zealand where the process was developed and in widespread use.

“IVP, the successor to MOET has been met with increasing demand from cattle breeders since its official UK launch 30 months ago. Introducing part-time vet, Paddy Buckley will enable us to further grow the operations,” says AB Europe’s Geraint Thomas.

“His skills and experience will enable us to continue to expand IVP, our unique on farm donor collection service to cattle breeders which accelerates embryo production, in particular from the UK’s superior animals to ultimately increase genetic gain.”