A 610kg Limousin heifer from MI Wainright, Todhall, Cupar, secured the cattle championship at Lawrie and Symington's Christmas show and sale at Lanark, before selling for 370p per kg, or £2267 to the judge from Allan Butchers, Stewarton.

The judge also bought his choice of reserve, a 550kg Charolais cross bullock from Castlehill Farms, Lockerbie, at 310p or £1705.00.

Overall, 39 show heifers averaged 243.1p with 16 bullocks at 232.1p.

Todhall was back in the tickets winning the award for the champion cow with a pure British Blue, which scaled in at 944kg before selling for 181p per kg or £1705 to Charlie Kirkpatrick, Netherplace, Lockerbie.

Judge Douglas Byres, Gimmenbie, Lockerbie, backed his decision and bought his choice of champion amongst the calves and stirks at £250. This was a Limousin cross bull calf from J and W Baillie, Hillhead, Thankerton. The reserve, a British Blue heifer from W Steele, Kypeside, Lesmahagow, made £265.

Top price in this section however was £305 paid for an Aberdeen Angus bull from Muirhouse.

The firm's Christmas show and sale of prime lambs attracted an entry of more than 400 head for the judge, Robert Lawson, Eastsmains, who found his champion winners in a pen of five Beltex from Messrs Anderson, Old Walls, which scale 45kg and later sold for £200 per head or 444p- per kg to Gilbert Thomson of Country Refreshments.

Regular consignors, Robert and Margaret Struthers, Collielaw, picked up the reserve with a pen of 45kg Texels that realised £145 or 322p, to Chapman butchers, Wishaw.

The largest section was the Blackface, which peaked at £92.50 for the first prize pen of heavies from Messrs Taylor, Heatheryhall, which scaled 49kg and sold to Farmers Fresh.

Out with the Christmas show, the sale was topped at £104 per head for Blue Texels from David Alexander, Millside, and to 263p per kg for Texels from Messrs Hammond, Auchenbart and Beltex from Messrs Currie, Haswellsykes. The overall average was 189.3p/kg with an SQQ of 190.8p.

Another big show of 1078 cast ewes saw trade again firmer on the week in all classes especially Blackface ewes which made up more than half the sale. Ewes were topped at £180 for Texels from Auchenbart, with Blackfaces to £68 from Messrs Walker, Tower.

LEADING awards

Prime lambs – Pens of Five – Suff – 1, A Leggate, Stramolloch, 47kg £89; 2, W Borthwick, Auchenraith, 50kg £90.50; 3, JA Taylor, Skirling Craigs, 54kg £90.50.

Tex – Light – 1, R and B Dickie, Spango, 41kg £99. Heavy – 1, R and M Struthers, Collielaw, 45kg £118; 2, R Orr, Lawhead, 50kg £110; 3, Ferguson Brothers, Gillandersland, 49kg £104.

Belt – Light – 1, TF Padkin and Son, Muirhouse, 42kg £106; 2, A Baillie, Broomfield, 42kg £100; 3, JB Currie and Son, Haswellsykes, 37kg £94. Heavy – 1, R Anderson and Son, Old Walls, 45kg £200; 2, R and M Struthers, Collielaw, 45kg £145; 3, I Laird, Yeldabreck, 44kg £99.

Any other cont – 1, A Leggate, Stramolloch, 45kg £86.50; 2, HP Jackson, Boat, 42kg £80.

Bf – Light – 1 and 2, DC and JJ Marshall, Gosland,37kg £78 and 36kg £74; 3, Firm of Shawhead, Shawhead Farm 38kg £80. Medium – 1, T Taylor, Heatheryhall 43kg £80; 2, R and B Dickie, Spango, 41kg £77; 3, P Smith and Son, Cloverhill, 41kg £76.50. Heavy – 1, T Taylor, Heatheryhall, 49kg £92.50; 2, JA McGarva, Nether Abington, 47kg £80; 3, A Smellie and Partners, Posso, 45kg £80.50.

Pens of 10 – Scotch M – 1, P Smith and Son, Cloverhill, 47kg £85.50; 2, R and B Dickie, Spango, 45kg £77; 3, Firm of Shawhead, Shawhead Farm, 48kg £84. Chev – 1, T Taylor, Heatheryhall, 49kg £85.