Centre records were smashed at Hopes Auction Mart's Christmas show and sale at Wigton, when the reserve champion, a 706kg pure Limousin heifer from Ian and Nathan Grainger, Kiln Close, sold for 585p per kg or £4130.10, for breeding purposes.

The champion, as selected by Corby Hill butcher, Steven Wilson, was a Limousin cross heifer from Jimmy Fawcett and Anya Wagstaff, Pond House, which first won the young handler's class. She scaled 581kg and later sold to the judge for £3282.65 or 565p per kg.

A cracking trade throughout, saw nine cattle sell for more than 300p per kg with eight making in excess of £2000.

Beltex from John and Joanne Hall and family, Inglewood Edge, bagged the champion honours amongst the lambs and sold for £200 per head to the judge, Morgan Helliwell, Rochdale.

Keeping it in the family, Joanne's daughter, April Skelton, lifted the reserve honours with a pair of 42.5kg lamb that also sold to the judge for £140 per head.

Mr Wilson also bought his choice of champion and reserve amongst the young handlers, with another Beltex lamb from April Skelton, taking the tri-colour before selling for £146, while the reserve, from Ollie Monkhouse, made £129.

A strong trade throughout saw Paul Slater's run of 240 lambs from Whiteley Hey, average 288.1p per kg or £112.20 from an average weight of 38.9kg.

Overall, lambs averaged 285ppk.

LEADING prices

Cattle – Steers – Lim – 244p Kiln Close (Grainger); 215.50p, 203.50p Kirkland Guards (Cape). BB – 234p Brinns Farm (Barnett); 195.50p Lesson Hall (Dixon). Gall – 224p Loughrigg (Crichton).

Heifers – Char – 270p Elm House (Dent). Blonde – 250p Greenhill Farm (Little). BB – 310p, 295p, 290p Kiln Close (Grainger); 270p Brinns Farm (Barnett); 258p Greenhill Farm (Little). Lim – 585p, 385p, 380p, 335p, 330p 280p, 268p (x2) Kiln Close (Grainger); 565p, 255p Pond House (Fawcett and Wagstaff); 267.50p, 257.50p, 250 Greenhill Farm (Little); 262p, 260p Elm House (Dent); 237.50p West Farm (Miller).

Prime lambs – Belt – £200, £132, £130 (x2), £115 Inglewood Edge (Hall); £146, £140 Inglewood Edge (Skelton); £135, £132 Whiteley Hey Flock (Slater); £130 Elm House (Dent); £129 Croft House (Watson and Hunter).