A new centre record price of £2900 was paid at United Auctions' Christmas show and sale of suckled calves and store cattle at Oban, when the champion from W Semple and Son, Dippen, Campbeltown, was sold.

The Limousin cross heifer calf, selected by judge, Gareth Scott, Meikle Ittington, Ardrossan, scaled 358kg and sold for £2900 or 810p per kg to Jamie Pirie, Blarnavaid, Drymen.

Dippen also sold the top priced bullock per kg at 308p, with a 292kg Charolais cross, while top price per head was £1080 paid for a 662kg Salers cross from Patrick Boyd, Drumaglea, Tiree.

Bullocks averaged £667.23 (+£59.63) or 224p per kg (+13p), with heifers at 225p (+30p), or £628.71 (+£90.99).

LEADING prices

Bullocks – Per head – A-A X – £1005, 11 Eoligarry, Barra; £795 (x2), Dalrannoch, Connel; £730, 2 Cleat, Barra; £720 (x5), Ashfield, Achnamara. BS X – £760 (x2), £750, £735 (x4), Fiart. BB – £1010, Barcaldine Home Farm; £920, Tyree; £915, Low Dunashery; £905, Keil Crofts. Char X – £965, Drumaglea; £960, Neriby; £945 (x5), Ballochgair; £940, £900, Dippen. Lim X – £1040, Barcaldine Home Farm; £1000, Achnacree Beag; £960, Ruaig, Tiree; £960, Achnacree Beag; £960, Taychreggan; £950, Tyree; £925, Achnacree Bay. Lui – £640 (x2), Cliad, Coll. Sal X – £1080, £995 (x5), £890 (x4), Drumaglea. Sim X – £915, Kilvaree Farm; £890, Kiloran Farmers, Colonsay. Per kg – A-A X – 246p (x5), Lochnell Home Farm; 243p (x3), Ashfield; 236p (x4), Ballymeanach; 235p, Ashfield. BS X – 244p, East Hynish, Tiree; 243p (x4), Fiart. BB X – 263p, Tyree; 259p (x3), Neriby; 255p, Ruaig, Tiree; 249p, 245p, Tyree. Char X – 308p, 278p, Dippen; 277p (x4), 272p (x2), 270p (x5), Neriby; 257p (x4), Kinnabus, Islay. Lim X – 284p, Ruaig, Tiree; 282p, Balligarve; 282p (x2), 279p, 275p(4), Ardachy; 272p (x10), Turnault; 271p, Ardachy. Lui – 232p (x2), Cliad, Coll; 230p (x2), Homefield Croft. Sal X – 262p (x8), 256p (x6), Neriby. Sim X – 253p (x7), 250p (x3), Scammadale Farm; 245p (x4), Arileod, Coll.

Heifers – A-A X – £610, Dalrannoch, Connel. BS X – £755, Fiart. BB X – £1650, £1180, Tyree. Char X – £920, Neriby; £830, Dippen; £820, Aoradh, Islay. Lim X – £2900, Dippen; £1700, Ruaig, Tiree; £1400, Dippen; £1220, Kilwhipnach; £970, Achnacree Beag; £960, Tyree. Sal X – £780, Drumaglea. Sim X – £910 (x2), £840, Kiloran Farmers. Per kg – A-A X – 240p, Dalvuie. BS X – 229p (x5), Tayvallich Estates. BB X – 434p, 316p – Tyree; 247p, 241p (x3), Neriby; 234p, Tyree. Char X – 275p (x2), 259p, Dippen; 254p (x7), 246p, Neriby; 246p, Aoradh. Lim X – 810p, Dippen; 578p, Ruaig; 424p, Dippen; 353p, Kilwhipnach; 322p, Tyree; 292p (x5), Kilwhipnach. Sal X – 247p (x6), 245p (x6), Neriby. Sim X – 239p, Ardencaple.

LEADING awards

Bullocks – Mainland – 1, E and L MacGillivray, Barcaldine Home Farm; 2, DW Semple and Son, Dippen; 3, A and BA Campbell, Achnacree Beag, North Connel. Island – 1 and reserve, A and I MacInnes, Ruaig, Tiree; 2, R Cuninghame, Neriby, Islay; 3, RSPB Aoradh Farm, Islay.

Heifers – Mainland – 1 and champion, DW Semple, Dippen; 2, T Hamilton, Kilwhipnach, Campbeltown; 3, D MacDonald, Tyree, Benderloch. Island – 1, A and I MacInnes, Ruaig; 2, RSPB Aoradh, Islay; 3, R Cuninghame, Neriby.