Well known Holstein breeder, Jack Brewster (93) of the highly prized Boclair herd, Glasgow, has been honoured the 2020 Holstein UK Lifetime Achievement Award.

The award, which is presented annually by Holstein UK, recognises dedication to the breed and is the ultimate accolade for an individual who has provided outstanding service and made a remarkable contribution to the society.

Jack has dedicated his life to the dairy industry for 80 years. He starting his farming life in an era of hard physical labour with no electricity or tractors. After managing an elderly uncle’s farm he was given the opportunity to farm in his own right at Boclair. A past president of the Monkland branch of the Young Farmers’ Club, his earliest successes with the herd was winning the supreme Friesian championship for inspection and production at The Glasgow Dairy Show in 1963.

Heavily involved in the formation of the Scottish Dairy Cattle Association in 1978, and appointed chairman for the first two years, he also served on numerous other dairy boards and committees.

In 1990, Jack was appointed as president of the Holstein Friesian Society of Great Britain and Ireland. He has also served as chairman of the local and area branch of the NFU and, as a director of the Scottish Milk Marketing Board.

His extensive knowledge of the breed has seen Jack judge cattle internationally, to include several Royal Shows and the Nairobi show in Kenya.

The prestigious Boclair herd has also attracted many visitors to the farm, with the family having hosted numerous open days to include the opening of the new farm complex in 1985 which saw 1000 farmers attend. More recently they hosted the Premier Herd Open Day following their award presentation at UK Dairy Day 2017. They have also been awarded Master Breeder Status twice – in 2005 and 2016 and celebrated great achievements in the Scottish Herds competition.

Commenting on his award Jacks said: “I am extremely proud to win the Holstein UK Lifetime Achievement Award, which would not have been possible without the help and support of my wife Marion (68 years married) and my two sons David and John."