Supermarket giant Tesco, is at long last making in roads in supporting Scottish farmers with an increase in its Scotch lines in both its beef and lamb ranges – albeit from a low starting point.

For the week commencing June 29, Scotch beef accounted for 53% of the range, up 20% on the previous week, with imported Irish beef making up 20%.

However, it has a long way to go with its lamb range with just 7% from Scotland and 29% from New Zealand.

This compares to the long-term local supporter and growing favourite, Aldi, which for the same week boasted 93% of beef products from Scotland, a slight decline on the week due to the British BBQ range. Its Scotch range in the lamb sector was 69% with all other products being British.

It’s German counterpart, Lidl, also boasted a good line-up of Scotch beef and lamb with British barbecue products supplementing the range. It’s beef products were made up of 85% Scotch, while 50% of its lamb was from Scotland.

Similarly, the Co-op’s beef category comprised 68% Scotch, with lamb from Scotland at 43%. All other products were British.

Morrisons and Sainsburys have also increased their range of Scotch, with the former having beef and lamb ranges of 56% and 73% respectively from Scotland, and all other products being British.

Sainsburys on the other hand had only 14% of its beef range being Scotch while 7% was imported from Ireland. Scotch lamb accounted for 59%, with NZ imports standing at 10%

Asda continues to disappoint with its Scotch beef accounting for just 16% of the range with no Scotch lamb on shelf. Some 10% of the beef up for sale was imported from Ireland with 58% of the lamb range brought in from New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.

% of Scotch % of Non Scotch Imports

Beef Nov-19 60% 40%

wc 29/6/20 54% 46% 4%

Lamb Nov-19 54% 46%

wc 29/6/20 39% 61% 21%

Percentage of range that is Scotch

Beef Lamb

Nov 19 W/C 29/6/20 Nov 19 W/C 29/6/20

Aldi 100% 93% 100% 69%

Asda 15% 16% 19% 0%

Co-op 67% 68% 67% 43%

Lidl 100% 85% 100% 50%

Morrisons 70% 56% 75% 73%

Sainsburys 15% 14% 57% 59%

Tesco 78% 53% 67% 7%