A Beltex lamb from Irish breeders, Wade and Alison McCrabbe, Donegal, has been sold privately for £10,000.

Ardstewart Flash Harry, a February-born lamb by Woodies Dapper, out of a home-bred dam by the imported ram Iglo v/d Drie Musschen, was spotted online by young Rafe Cartmen who recently established the Atheron flock at his farm in North Skipton.

With a keen eye for quality and style, Rafe said: "The lamb has all the character, shape and features, I was looking for to improve and build my breeding lines".

Having received his first Beltex as a Christmas present just two years ago, Raef has had a keen interest in Beltex for several years now since working with the breed on his grand-father's farm.

He has been following the Ardstewart flock for some time, and was keen to buy into their genetics as they have been highly successful over the years in their own flock, and also in back pedigrees of numerous top performing sheep throughout the UK and Ireland.

This is the first progeny to have been sold from the sire Woodies Dapper, with owners Alison and Wade being excited about this prospect and how his lambs are performing to date.