As expected, beef prices have slipped across all sectors, bar cast cows, and in all parts of the UK, as a result of increased supplies on both sides of the Irish Sea.

In Scotland, the steer trade slipped almost a penny to average 376.8p per deadweight kg, with heifers and young bulls falling 0.5p and 3.5p, to level at 378.0p and 365.3p, respectively. In contrast, cows increased by almost 0.5p to 281.8p.

The GB all-prime cattle price stands at 360.p/kg, which is 33p more than the same week last year, and 11.p more than the five-year average.

Looking at supermarket sales, and the amount of Scotch-branded beef and lamb products on individual shelves, not much has changed over the past week, with Aldi and Lidl again leading the way going by latest weekly market data.

Figures from The Scottish Farmer’s Retail Radar for the week commencing July 13, show some 95% of beef and 80% of lamb originated in Scotland, in the German retailer Aldi, with the remainder being British.

Close behind is Lidl with Scotch beef comprising 86% of the range and Scotch lamb at 46%, with all other products being of British origin.

Asda remains the most disloyal with Scotch beef accounting for just 19% of the range and there was no Scotch lamb on its shelves. Some 18% of its beef range was imported from Ireland and 55% of the lamb was brought in from New Zealand and Australia.


% of Scotch % of Non Scotch Imports

Beef Nov-19 60% 40%

wc 13/07/20 54% 46% 4%

Lamb Nov-19 54% 46%

wc 13/7/20 35% 65% 13%

Percentage of range that is Scotch

Beef Lamb

Nov 19 W/C 13/7/20 Nov 19 W/C 13/7/20

Aldi 100% 95% 100% 80%

Asda 15% 19% 19% 0%

Co-op 67% 62% 67% 37%

Lidl 100% 86% 100% 46%

Morrisons 70% 52% 75% 53%

Sainsburys 15% 19% 57% 44%

Tesco 78% 47% 67% 4%