In the latest QMS podcast, available to download now , Tim Miller a pig environment specialist for ARM buildings, shares his expertise on keeping pigs in their thermoneutral zone through ventilation and the use of technology.

The episode highlights how ventilation and heating systems can improve pig performance and how innovative technology has improved farmer and pig welfare through tech such as remote monitoring.

Tim is joined by Fraser Shaw from Dryfeholm Farm. Fraser expanded his pig enterprise in partnership with his father, brother and uncle and erected a range of new buildings. Listen to the podcast to learn how the Shaw family has embraced technology to advance their business.

Allan Ward, pig specialist, from QMS, encourages people to download the podcast: “Creating the right environment for pigs is key to boosting performance and welfare. Investing in structure and technology can be a large capital expense which can boost productivity in subsequent years.”

The QMS podcast series focusses on initiatives which can help Scottish farmers improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of their businesses.

All QMS podcasts are available to download now through Apple Podcast, Buzzsprout, and Spotify, as well as via the Quality Meat Scotland website and social channels.