It was very much a day of highs and lows albeit with some happy clients when the Haigh brothers – John, David and Peter – dispersed their unregistered Holstein herd from Heath Lea, Halifax, at Gisburn Auction Mart.

The best cattle met a flying trade with 12 making £2000 plus and a further dozen selling for £1800-£1950, however, poorer quality sorts could be readily bought at three-figure prices.

Main buyer was David Coulthurst from Goosnargh, Preston who purchased 11 of the top cattle including a fresh second calver for 2250gns and a similar animal, two months calved giving 45kg for 2200gns.

Mr Coulthurst, also snapped up two De-Su Hartley calved heifers giving 30kg daily for 2100gns and 2020gns.

Second quality animals met a different trade with a fresh second calver sold three lots after the sale leader, making 800gns.

Averages: 142 cows and calved heifers, £1318

Auctioneers: Norton and Brooksbank and Gisburn Auction Mart.