Days are soon becoming hours as the clock ticks down to the UK leaving the EU and the latest Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) podcast episode, released on Friday 11 December, focuses on we know ahead of Brexit and the potential challenges we may face as an industry from January 1 2021 onwards.

Iain Macdonald, Senior Economic Analyst at QMS, who features in the episode, gives a review of the market over the past 12 months which has reported record sheep prices, changes to demand in different cuts of meat following the overnight collapse of the food-service sector, and the record increase of retail demand throughout Covid 19.

“I’ve been monitoring the markets for over a decade now and I think the only way to describe this year, is a year on steroids,” highlights Iain. “Every year we have some disruption, but this year it’s been extreme.”

Iain is joined by Andy McGowan, President of Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers (SAMW) and Managing Director of Scottish Pig Producers, who provides insight into the operational challenges the industry has faced, as well as his views on the uncertainties of Brexit.

“We could look back at the disruption of Covid-19 as being a small hurdle for the industry compared to what could lie ahead with Brexit,” says Andy.

Both guests share their thoughts and opinions on questions sent in by listeners including the impact of a no-deal Brexit on farm gate prices as well as the future of PGI status.

Andy adds: “Right now, we are in a very frustrating place and disruption in the early part of January, especially with imports and exports, is inevitable.

“However, when we eventually know what we are dealing with, I am confident that our sector will bounce back and continue to work together to produce products to the highest of standards from farm to fork.”

The QMS podcast will be back with a new series and format on 18 January 2020 with the first theme focusing on Business Resilience.