Prime cattle sold to 326p per kg for a Limousin cross heifer from J Jardine, Yett, at C and D Auction Marts' weekly sale.

OTM cattle reached 186p, and £1428 for a beef cow from Maxwellbank, while dairy entries peaked at 170p and £1218.30 from Phernside

The 648 lambs sold to £147 for heavy Texels from Hunthills, or 304p per kg for more of the same from Shangan

Cast sheep (147) peaked at £208 for a Texel ewe from Newbank and £216 for a Millennium Bleu ram from Victoria House


Some 1225 lambs and 161 cast sheep were forward for Harrison and Hetherington's sale which sold to £160 for heavy Beltex lambs from SH Spours and Son, Twizell and WK McGowan, Craiglea.

Craiglea also produced the top price per kg at 328p with Beltex.

A Texel ewe from R Leiper and Co, Bygate, Black Heddon sold for the lead price of £146 amongst the cast sheep.


Penrith and District Farmers’ Mart LLP sale of 1163 lambs, 315 hoggs and 1729 cast sheep saw lambs sell to 351p per kg for 37kg Beltex from WH Brass, Low Row or £157 for 48kg Texels from Messrs Jenkinson, Clifton Moor Farm.

Hoggs peaked at £150 for Suffolk cross Mules from DG and LM Strong, Sleagill House.

Ewes averaged £112.36 having sold to £250 for a Texel from Holme House, with rams to £160 for six Lleyn cross Texels from Greenacres.


Limousins led Mitchells Auction Co's prime cattle sale, selling to 329p for a heifer from RE Miller, West Farm, Aspatria, with steers to 321p from JJ Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont.

Top per head was £2250.82 for a steer from J Dixon and Son, Lesson Hall, Wigton and £2201.60 for a heifer from Loughrigg.

West Farm topped the bulls, again with Limousins at 300p or £2190.

Cows reached 200p for a British Blue from IT Wilson, Parsonage Farm, Whicham Valley and for a Simmental from GS Bell, Newhouse, Flimby, which attracted the lead gross price of £1704.

Lambs sold to £175 for Texel lambs twice from A Ashburner, Summerhill, Whitehaven or 381p for Beltex lambs from I Fisher, Croft End, Frizington.

Texels from MJ and SJ Reed, Orchard House, Wigton, led the cast ewe at £152, while rams sold to £160 for the same from Greenbank Close.


Prices peaked at 347p per kg and £170 for the champion lambs at the North of Scotland Texel Club show and sale from Nether Blairmaud, Cornhill, staged through United Auctions.

The 24 pairs of Texel and Texel cross lambs were forward for the club show judged by William Cameron who found his champion pair in 49kg entries which sold to Forbes Raeburn, Butcher, Huntly.

The reserve winners, 45kg entries from Messrs Brown, Hilton of Culsh, New Deer, sold for £140 per head to the judge.

Outwith the show, 413 lambs sold £146 and 340p for Beltex from Muirfield, Cuminestown.

Cast sheep (647) reached £156 for a Texel cross ram from Woodside of Litterty, Turriff, with ewes to £210 for another of the same from Tillyminate, Gartly.

Leading Awards

Pure Tex – Light – 1, Hilton of Culsh; 2, Messrs Young, Uppermill; 3, Newton Farms, Oldmeldrum. Heavy – 1, Messrs Davidson, Corsairtly; 2, R Wilson, North Dorlaithers.

Texel cross – Light – Messrs Lumsden, Meikle Begshill; 2, Newton Farms; 3, Messrs Linton, Auchanland. Heavy – 1, Messrs Morrison, Nether Blairmaud; 2, Messrs Stronach, Berryleys; 3, Meikle Begshill.


Bullocks sold to 303p per kg for a 615kg Limousin cross from Harestone, Crathes and £2121.15 for a 895kg Charolais cross from Nether Blairmaud, Cornhill, at Aberdeen and Northern Marts sale.

Heifers were topped at 313p for a 585kg British Blue cross from Stoneyhill, Keith-Hall and £2014.95 for a 665kg Limousin cross from Auchmaliddie Mains, Maud, with young bulls selling to 253p for a 610kg Limousin cross from Hillocks, Whiterashes and £1881.25 for a 875kg Charolais from Harestone.

Cows and bulls averaged £1496.58 or 202p per kg for 181 head, with finished beef cows levelling at £1679.63 after selling to £2100 for a 855kg British Blue Cross from Culfork, Alford.

Feeding beef cows sold to £1650 for a 748kg Simmental cross from Torran, Kildary, to level at £1280.97; boning cows averaged £758.75 having peaked at £910.

Finished bulls peaked at £2110 for a 1250kg Aberdeen Angus from Mains of Collinston, to average £1925 and feeding bulls reached £1710 for a 1170kg Charolais from Allancreich, Ballogie, to balance at £1574.

Some 941 prime and feeding sheep were also sold. Lambs (618) averaged 271p having sold to 317.3p for a 52kg Beltex and £168 for a 61kg Beltex, both from North Lurg, Midmar. The SQQ for 431 head was 273.6p .

Feeding sheep (323) averaged £104.51 having sold to £268 for pure Texels from Eldonbrae, Forres.

Stirling (Cally)

Heifers averaged 301p per kg and bullocks cashed in at 286p at Caledonian Marts' prime sale where Limousin crosses secured most of the lead prices.

Heifers peaked at 332p for a Limousin from The Firm of Wilson, Greenhead, Forfar, or £2062 for another of the same from J Brown, Gaindykehead, Airdrie. Bullocks also sold to 332p for a Limousin from AA and J Brand, Nethermyres, Auchtermuchty and to £2159 for a Simmental from Gaindykehead.

Bankfoot-based J and T MacPherson, Pitsundry, topped the young bulls with a Limousin at 298p and £1915. They averaged 266p.

Stirling (UA)

Some 2174 lambs sold to average 270.15p with 358 hoggs levelling at 181.25p at United Auctions' sale.

Included during the day was the West and Central Suffolk Club show and sale of Suffolk prime lambs judged by W Shearer, who found his winners in a pen from CW Smith, South Flanders, which sold at £177, while the reserve from WR and CA Tough, Tipperdarroch, made £144.00.

Out with the show, prices peaked at £184 for Texels from Cuilt Farmhouse and 373p per kg for Beltex from the same home.

Hoggs sold to £136 for Beltex from St Mungos or 243p for Texels from Groan.

The 1134 cast sheep reached £250 for Texel ewes from Newton of Guthrie and £120 for Lleyn rams from Roughlands.

Leading Awards

Suffolks – Lightweight – 1, WR and CA Tough, Tipperdarroch; 2, G Berwick, Barbarafield; 3, J Lawrie, Tillyrie. Mediumweight – 1, Ross Farms, Wester Middleton; 2, Tillyrie; 3, JR Gladstone, Fullarton. Heavyweight – 1, CW Smith, South Flanders; 2, Tipperdarroch; 3, R Miller, High Cattadale.


Some 1763 lambs and 3650 cast sheep were forward for C and D Auction Marts' sale which sold to £172 for Texels from AM and L Sutherland, Carran, Thurso, or 319p for Beltex from CJ Roots, Kilnford Croft, Dumfries.

The overall average was 272.8p per kg with a SQQ 272.9p.

Cast sheep (3650) saw ewes sell to £255 for Texels from Upper Huntley Wood, Earlston with rams to £280 for more of the same from CD Scott, Falla, Jedburgh.


Limousins from Messrs Dickison, Brockwoodlees, led the trade at Lawrie and Symington's sale on Monday with heifers to 344p per kg and £1974 per head while bullocks to 300p and £1950.

Messrs Allison, Muirhouse, Biggar, also sold a Limousin heifer at 300p.

Beef cows sold to £1750 from Marfield Farm, Biggar or to 226p from Messrs Orr, Dykehead Farm, Chapelton while dairy types peaked at £1130 and 171p from Messrs Mitchell, Ainville, Kirknewton.

Some 1700 lambs peaked at £169 for Charollais from Midburn or to 329p per kg for Beltex from Messrs Lambie, Drumbuie to produce an overall average of 273p with a SQQ 274p.

The show and sale of Suffolk lambs on behalf of the West and Central Scotland Suffolk Club, saw the championship presented to a pen from Robert Laird, Cambwell with 41kg Suffolk crosses, while the judge, R Lawson, found his reserve winners in 48kg lambs from J Wight and Sons, Carwood.

Hoggs (176) hit £140 for Texels from Yeldabrek and to 236p for crosses from Clarckson, Stopprigg Lane to average 182p.

Cast sheep (1557) were topped at £260 by Texel ewes from Messrs Clark, Blackhill to average £106, with rams to £208 for a Texel from Blackburn Mains.

Leading Awards

Pen of five Suffolk cross X Scotch Mules – 1, J Wight and Sons, Carwood; 2, JW Brown and Sons, Herbertshaw; 3, G Watson and Co, The Law. Pen of five Suffolk cross X any other breed ewes – 1, TA and R Laird, Cambwell; 2, Carwood; 3, JH Gray, Chapellhill.


An overall average of 273.9p per kg or £116 per head was achieved at Craig Wilson's sale of 1759 lambs on Monday, where prices peaked at £160 for Texels from John C Smith and Co, Laigh Borland or 312p for more of the same from James M Thomson and Son, Blairbowie.

Texels also led the 691 cast sheep at £180 for ewes from Young Brothers, Tormitchell and £180 from L Kirk, Waterside.

On Tuesday, heifers sold to 320p for a Limousin from The Smiths, North Boig, or to £1917.85 for another from the same home.

North Boig also topped the bullocks at 307p and £1765.25, while young bulls peaked at 250p for a Limousin from South Hourat or £1674.95 for another of the same breed from Kenmuir.

Cast bulls sold to £1820 for a Charolais from Milnmark with cows to £1700 for a Limousin from Barscarrow.


Bullocks sold through Harrison and Hetherington's sale on Monday sold to £2226 for a 777kg Limousin cross from Messrs Gribbon, Waterside, Dumfries, or 308p for a 692kg British Blue cross from Messrs Nicholson, The Lake.

Heifers peaked at £2166.29 and 313.5p for 691kg from Messrs Crichton, Loughrigg, Egremont.

A 960kg Limousin from Messrs Struthers, Collielaw, topped the young bulls at £2702.40, with a lead price per kg of 296.5p paid for a 663kg Limousin cross from Messrs Bell, Winterhope, Lockerbie.

Cast cows reached 283.5p or £2698 for a 952kg British Blue from Messrs Whiteley, Pond Farm, Thirsk.

Texels topped the lamb trade which produced an overall average of 293p and an SQQ of 295p, having sold to £168 from Messrs Sim, Orchard House, West Newton and Messrs Hetherington, Blue Dial, Allonby.

Messrs Lishman, Fell Lane Farm, Barrasford produced the lead price per kg of 415p.

Ewes sold to £165 for Texels from The Wreay with rams to £172 for Suffolks from Sheepfields.

Castle Douglas

On Tuesday, Wallets Marts sold 856 lambs to average 263.08p having sold to was £135.50 for Texels from Messrs Smith, Low Arkland and 300p for Texels from Messrs McCornick, Barnbackle.

The 640 cast sheep ewe were topped by a Texel ewe from Messrs Lockhart, Lagganpark.