Newton Stewart

Craig Wilson had forward 1365 lambs which averaged 273.5p per kg having sold to 307p for Texels from DC Cattle, Low Clanyard, and to £156 per head for Suffolks from J McHarrie, Duchra.

Cast sheep sold for £158 for Texel ewes from High Drumskeog.


Some 1253 lambs sold at C and D Auctions sale, where a Texel from R Laird, East Polquhirter, topped the trade at £142 per head.

Cast sheep sold for £125 for Texel ewes from Druidhall.

Prime cattle sold at 330p per kg for a Limousin cross heifer from J Jardine, Yett with beef cows sold to 198p for a Galloway from J and J Macpherson, Balliemeanoch, and to £1786 for an Aberdeen Angus cross from Landale and Co, Dalswinton.

Dairy cows sold to 210p for a Montbeliarde from R and L Austin, Upper Portrack, and to £1444 for a Holstein from E Murray and Son, Conheath.


Harrison and Hetherington sold 1144 sheep at their sale where 1003 lambs averaged 282p having sold to 368p for Beltex from Tritlington Hall and to £160 per head for a Suffolk from Lilburn Estates, Roseden.

Cast sheep sold for £140 for a Texel cross ewe from JS and P Fleming, Lochside Farm.


Some 2852 sheep sold at the United Auctions’ sale where 1753 lambs averaged 254p per kg with a top price of 279p paid for a Beltex from 52 Coval Street, Dufftown, or to £168 for Suffolks from Dunscroft.

Cast sheep sold for £159 for Texel tups from Loanend, Glenkindie.


At C and D Auction Marts’ sale, 5001 lambs and 5073 cast sheep were forward. Lambs averaged 273.4p per kg selling to 354p for Beltex from T Hill and R Wright, Mill Farm, Doncaster and to £200 for Texels from R Lawson, Home Farm, Carnwath.

Cast sheep sold for £240 for Texel ewes from Westside Farms, Capheaton, Newcastle. Cast cattle peaked at £1036 for a Galloway from DE Eastham, Longburgh Fauld, Carlisle.

Stirling (UA)

Some 10,987 sheep comprising 8141 lambs and 2846 cast sheep were sold through United Auctions’ with the former averaging 271.72p per kg having sold to £170 per head for Texels from Longfauld and to 363p for Beltex from Easter Ochtermuthill.

Cast sheep sold for £260 for Texel ewes from Middleton of Glassclune.

Stirling (Cally)

Caledonian Marts had forward 59 prime cattle and 41 cast cattle at their sale where heifers averaged 310.53p per kg having sold to 332p and to £2073 per head for Limousins from JA Peters, West Bog, Kirriemuir.

Bullocks averaged 304p, with top prices of 330p paid for a Limousin from A Kennedy, Seggarsdean, Haddington, and £2105 for a Limousin from W Dandie and Son, Learielaw. Cast cattle reached 208p or £1400 for an Aberdeen Angus from J Gilmour, Drumelzier.


Some 3873 sheep were sold at Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ sale where lambs averaged 267p per kg, selling to 331.3p for Beltex from 4 Largue Cottages, Forgue, and to £172 for a Texel from Mid Haddo, Fyvie.

Cast sheep sold for £174.50 for Texels from Newton of Greeness, Turriff.

Bullocks averaged 274.5p having sold to 305p for a Limousin cross from Shougle, Birnie, and to £2250 for a Limousin cross from Daies, Wardhouse.

Heifers averaged 279p with a top of 323p paid for a Limousin cross or £2063.15 for an Aberdeen Angus from Auchmaliddie Mains, Maud.

Young bulls levelled at 211.8p having sold to 264p for a Shorthorn from Selbie, Keithhall, or to £2172.80 for a Simmental from Cowfords Farm, New Pitsligo.

Cast cows reached £1810 for an Aberdeen Angus from Glenernie, Dunphail, and a Limousin cross from Blackhouse, Methlick.

St Boswells

Harrison and Hetherington had 94 prime cattle forward for their sale where 36 bullocks averaged 288p per kg, selling to 324p from Bee Edge.

Heifers (54) averaged 287p having sold to 338p from Penston and four young bulls averaged 220p with a top of 236p from Kersknowe.

Cast cattle (102) reached £2014 from Humbie Mill.

Lambs (3003) averaged 264p having sold to 308p for Beltex from The Craggs and to £154 for Texels from Corsbie.

Cast sheep sold for £185 for a Suffolk tup from George Brown and Sons, Stoneypath.


Limousins led Lawrie and Symington’s sale of 110 cattle where heifers sold for 360p per kg and to £2271 per head from Messrs Dickinson, Brockwoodlees Farm, Canonbie. Bullocks sold for 320p and to £2148 from Messrs Taylor, Heatheryhall Farm, Lanark. Cast cows peaked at £2000 for a Charolais from Meikle Farms, Yondercroft Farm, Darvel.