NSA Welsh Sheep 25 will offer a professional update and the latest industry information, as well as a chance for sheep farmers to get together.

The event will take place at Tregoed Farm, Brecon, LD3 0SP, on May 21.

The farming system at High Country Romneys, Tregoed Farm, Brecon, runs 600 recorded stud Romneys and RomTex ewes and 900 commercial Romneys, all on a forage only system. It is a family business run in partnership by Penny Chantler, and sons Sam and Will Sawday.

The farm is split into several blocks of land of a mix of rented and owned. Forage crops are grown for winter feed for the ewes and then grass reseeded.

More herbal and mixed species swards have been used lately, with a very minimal input rotational grazing system. A recent innovation is a calf rearing unit with Blade Farming.

Penny Chantler explained: “We currently farm 1500 NZ Romney and Romtex ewes, 500 ewe lamb replacements and winter 220 stud ram lambs on a forage only outdoor system.

“The 600 stud Romneys and Romtex and are fully recorded using SIL New Zealand. These ewes are single sire mated and lambs tagged and recorded at birth.

"Genetics and most recently rams are regularly imported from New Zealand. We have selected genetics from many different places over the last 30-plus years, working with some of the top stud flocks in NZ."