Terrys Farm came out top at a show and sale of prime lambs at Kirkby Stephen on Tuesday night, producing three of the top four prize winners.

The Sowerby family of Terrys Farm produced the lead Beltex, Texel and Suffolk lambs and also produced the champion and reserve winners.

Their champions, a pen of five Texel crosses which scaled 47kg, sold for £205 or 436.2p per kg, while the reserve winners, selected by the judge, David Morland, were Beltex cross lambs which weighed 42kg and sold for £182 or 433.3p per kg.

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Meanwhile, their first prize pen of five Suffolks, passed the weighbridge at 50kg and made £171.

An overall sale average of 324.5p per kg was achieved with no fewer than 211 lambs selling for £160-£205 of which 201 sold for 350-436p/kg.

Prime hoggs were topped at £160 for Texel crosses from Messrs Mark, Sunny Gill Farm, Ousby who also sold a pen of 13 Blackface hoggs at £140 per head.

Cast sheep peaked at £275 for a Beltex cross ewe from Messrs Chester, Grassgill Lodge, Soulby.

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Leading Awards

Pens of five – Beltex – 1 and 2, G Sowerby, Terrys Farm, 42kg, £182 and 41kg, £178; 3, CW Foster, Fordham, 42kg, £160.

Texel – 1, 2 and 3, Terrys Farm, 47kg, £205; 44kg, £180 and 47kg, £180.

Suffolk – 1, Terrys Farm, 50kg, £171; 2, G and EA Ewin, Black Syke, 53kg, £169.

Mule – 1, PL and J Dawson, The Lodge, 44kg, £119.

Leading Prices

Spring lambs per head – Tex – £205, £180 (x2) Terrys Farm; £168 Middle Bank End Farm; £164.50 Lady Anne Drive; £164, Bowes Cross Farm. BTex – £185 Boscar Flats; £144 Riverside Cottages; £142 Grassgill Lodge. Suff – £184, £171 Terrys Farm; £175, £160 Manor Farm; £169, Black Syke. Belt – £182, £178 Terrys Farm; £180, £178, £161 Boscar Flats; £172, £166.50, £161, £160 Cheney House Farm; £170, £161, £160, Top Field Farm; £163 Cote House Farm; £160, Sunnyside; £160 Fordham Farm. Mule – £150 Asby Hall Mews. Hamps – £149.50 Windygate. Rouge – £148 Bowes Cross Farm.

Per kg – Belt – 434.10p, 433.30p Terrys Farm; 425p, 421.10p, 419.70p, 402.50p Top Field Farm; 423.80p, 416.80p, 402.50p Boscar Flats; 419.50p, 416.30p, 402.50p, 400p Cheney House Farm. Tex – 436.20p, 409.10p Terrys Farm. BTex – 411.10p Boscar Flats. Suff – 342p, 340.70p Terrys Farm. Char – 336.20p, Manor Farm. 332p, Bridge End Farm. Mule –300p Asby Hall Mews. Hamps – 293.10p Windygate.

Auctioneers: Harrison and Hetherington