An online sale of top British beef genetics through Harrison and Hetherington, has raised £27,000 for the Pick-ups for Peace’ charity for Ukraine.

In a remarkable demonstration of inspired co-operation, Aberdeen Angus breeder Daniel Whiteford, tapped into the generosity of the British beef industry to raise money to support fellow farmers in war-torn East Ukraine.

Following his own journey across Europe to deliver a fully loaded pickup earlier in the year, the Berwick upon Tweed-based farmer came up with a brilliant initiative to create a unique ‘Pedigrees for Peace’ online sale of top British beef genetics including his own Angus breed.

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With support from Josh Dowbiggin of Dowbiggin Marketing, donations from around the UK of Angus, Hereford, Limousin and Charolais genetics, ensured a top quality timed online sale of 51 lots sold on May 25 and 26, for almost almost twice the expected target of £15,000.

The money will pay for three or possibly four used pick-up trucks and their full complement of supplies, to be delivered to the 24th Lviv Danylo Separate Mechanized Brigade, as part of the Pickups for Peace campaign.

Daniel Whiteford of Borewell Farm can hardly believe how successful his fundraising venture has been.

“When I went out to Ukraine last month to donate my own truck, I saw for myself what the Ukrainian people were facing, and what a difference these pickups are making to the 24th Brigade. So, working with Josh we started asking other beef farmers if they would donate lots for an online sale, and the response and generosity was incredible. So was the response from Harrison and Hetherington and Mart Eye, who organized and carried out the sale at no charge, and from the buyers who raised this amazing total of more than £27,000. I can’t thank everybody enough. It’s a brilliant result.”

Pickups for Peace Is an initiative aiming to send at least 200 used pickups filled with essential supplies to farmers in Eastern Ukraine. The NFU is hoping to hit the target by the end of the year, and all donations are welcome.