It's not the same having a big birthday during lockdown, so needless to say a huge number of celebrations have slipped by the wayside over the past 10 months as Covid-19 social distancing restrictions continue, but, you can still have an amazing cake.

However, with cakes like these, you'd be loathed to cut into any of them, and especially Ben Reive's gorgeous chocolate ganache Blackie creation, hand made by Ailie Walker Robertson, who describes herself as a hobby baker from the Highlands with a passion to create bespoke sweet celebrations.

Ben who was celebrating 40 years young, was completely overwhelmed by it too.

"The detail, the detail – she's just nailed him," said Ben when he first saw the cake after feeding and checking all stock on the farm.

This time last year, Sandra, his wife had planned a big party in the shed for his 40th, but after the first lockdown, she had an inkling such an event wouldn't be able to go ahead and got in touch with Ailie Walker Robertson after seeing her amazing creations on her facebook page, Cake at the Craig.

She asked for a chocolate ganache sponge recreation of a photograph of Midlock ram.

"The tup is a beauty and believe it or not, was a dream to make," said Ailie.

"I’ve been up until small hours making smaller cake projects that have near broke me, but the Blackie has been my favourite so far. His head is chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream.

"The horns were shaped from florist wire which was then wrapped in kitchen foil. Foil was used so that salted caramel krispy cake could be attached and formed into the horns. Krispy cake was then covered in chocolate ganache and fondant icing," said Ailie.

"I used the photograph of Sandra’s ram for reference to shape the face and horns. The cake was then painted with edible petal dust and paints. He turned out a lot bigger than initially planned. Horn to horn he was sitting diagonally on a 15” cake board."

Ailie who is a qualified mental health nurse, started making cakes by accident when her nephew asked for a tractor cake about 12 years ago, and having always had a passion for anything to do with food and painting, soon discovered baking and sugar craft by researching online.

However, she also has to admit, there has been a lot of trial and error over the years.

While the cake was undoubtedly the star attraction in the house, Ben enjoyed a full day of celebrations for his birthday with his family, and Facebook.

While he was out checking the stock first thing in the morning, Sandra and their two daughters, Eilidh (15), Mhairi (11) immediately set about ensuring a special day with banners, ballons, gifts and cards in place for his return, with the cake taking centre stage.

"We love the shows and agricultural events, which the farming calendar is jam packed with. These social events are so important to everyone, so for Ben's 40th, I set up a private fb group and invited everyone I could think of for messages, and video messages...

"I honestly feel it worked out perfectly. We will have those messages for ever. Every single one of them so personal to him.

"We had a family video call during the day that was great, Ben enjoyed a few drams and said he had an amazing day! All we need now is for the shows to get going again and we can enjoy a few more drams with all our friends and family," added Sandra.