Regular winner, Elizabeth Pinkerton, Harthill, kept up the family tradition in the industrial section at LiveScot, winning the supreme overall.

Since the Scottish Fatstock Club moved to Lanark Agricultural Centre in 2013, Elizabeth has won the overall twice, to follow in her mother, Mary McNee, Woodend, Armadale, who not only won the top award in 2016 but also in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

Adding to the family celebrations, Elizabeth's sister, Mary Armstrong, Newbiggin, took the top award last year and also won the points trophy.

Best in show for Elizabeth who is a full-time cake baker turning out 50-70 decorated cakes a week, was a beautifully decorated door wreath.

Adding to the celebrations, sons Andrew (14) and John (16) came first and second, respectively, in the men's traybake section.

Another former champion winner, Lizzie Hamilton, Tippithill, was runner-up overall in the points section, with Elizabeth Pinkerton taking honoury reserve in the James P Campbell and Sons sponsored event.

Leading Awards

Door wreath – 1 and overall champion, Elizabeth Pinkerton, 2, Lizzie Hamilton; 3, Ellie Hamilton.

Jar of jam (any fruit) – 1, Alison Ramage; 2, Susan Robb; 3, Jean Taylor.

Three potato scones – 1, Susan Robb; 2, Elizabeth Pinkerton; 3, Mary Armstrong.

Individual starter – 1, Elizabeth Pinkerton; 2, Lizzie Hamilton; 3, Heather Paterson.

Individual fruit tart – 1, Mary Armstrong; 2, Eilidh Armstrong; 3, Lesley Hunter.

Slice of coffee and walnut cake – 1, Mary Armstrong; 2, Lizzie Hamilton; 3, Lesley Hunter.

Three oat biscuits – 1, Lizzie Hamilton; 2, Susan Robb; 3, Jean Taylor.

Tea loaf – 1, Mary Armstrong; 2, Elizabeth Pinkerton; 3, Lesley Hunter.

Three pieces of tablet – 1, Lizzie Hamilton; 2, Susan Robb; 3, Mary Armstrong.

Mocktail in a glass – 1, Mary Armstrong; 2, Elizabeth Pinkerton; 3, Heaether Paterson.

Any craft article – 1, Mary McNee; 2, Amy Henderson; 3, Alison Ramage.

Any hand-knitted article – 1, Eilidh Armstrong; 2, Mary McNee; 3, Lizzie Hamilton.

Men's class – anything edible – 1, Andrew Pinkerton; 2, John Pinkerton; 3, Stuart Rankin.

Juniors – Age five and under

Picture of favourite animal – 1, Abbie Hamilton; 2, Chloe Hamilton; 3, Ben Ramage.

Decorated biscuit – 1, Finlay Henderson; 2, Chloe Hamilton; 3, Ben Ramage.

Ages six-10yrs

Junk model – 1, Ellie Hamilton; 2, Caitlin Russell; 3, Taylor Henderson.

Two chocolate brownies – 1, Euan Ramage; 2, Fraser Pinkerton; 3= Megan Clark and Alexander Clark.