Calling all tartan titans and wildlife warriors! Tartan Day is just around the corner, a celebration of Scottish culture, heritage, and the stunning natural wonders of the Highlands.

Observed on April 6 each year, Tartan Day commemorates the Scottish Declaration of Independence, and what better way to honour this historic occasion than with some of Scotland’s most majestic animals. In an authentic Scottish tribute, Every Student has harnessed generative AI to recreate Scotland’s renowned big five animals, as identified by experts at The Scottish Natural Heritage.

These iconic creatures, the red squirrel, red deer, golden eagle, otter, and harbour seal, can now be seen proudly wearing traditional tartan patterns, reflecting the rich tapestry of Scottish heritage and wildlife.

The red squirrel

The Scottish Farmer: A red squirrel

A charismatic symbol of resilience has fought back from near extinction to become a beloved resident of Scotland's woodlands.

With its tufted ears and bushy tail, the red squirrel is colourful and cute in equal measure, symbolising resilience and adaptability in the face of environmental challenges. Red squirrels can be found scampering through almost any Scottish woodland, and the pine forests of the Highlands and Dumfries and Galloway hold a special charm for these fiery furballs.

With towering trees providing the perfect playground, these are the spots where you're most likely to catch a glimpse of their vibrant red coats darting through the branches.

Red deer

The Scottish Farmer: A red deer

These aniamls can be found standing tall amidst the Highland landscape, as it commands attention as Britain’s largest land mammal, tipping the scales at a formidable 500lb! Adorned with majestic antlers stretching up to a metre in length, this noble creature has held a revered place in Scottish folklore for centuries, embodying the rugged strength and untamed beauty of the Highlands.

While red deer can be found in most large Scottish forests, some locations offer a better chance to witness these majestic creatures. Keep your eyes peeled in the vast landscapes of Kinloch on Skye or Glen Affric, known for their healthy red deer populations. For a guaranteed encounter, head to the Red Deer Range in Galloway Forest Park.

The golden eagle

The Scottish Farmer: A golden eagle

The magnificent golden eagle isn't just massive, with a wingspan that could rival a small plane, it's the top predator in the Scottish countryside. The golden eagle’s nest is often used by successive generations to rear their own young. And speaking of family, these eagles are in it for the long haul as they mate for life. Embodying the enduring spirit of Scotland: strength, love, and family.

Golden eagles can be found circling above most of Scotland’s upland forests. Look for them soaring majestically above Argyll, Galloway, and Glenmore Forest Parks. The Isle of Mull, with its dramatic cliffs, and Glen Affric are also prime spots to witness the golden eagle.

The otter

The Scottish Farmer: An otter

Forget Nessie, Scotland's wild waterways have another magical resident – the otter! These playful acrobats weave through rivers and lochs with an agility that's both mesmerising and infectious. But otters aren't just cute – they're perfectly adapted for their aquatic lifestyle. Webbed feet propel them through the water, while dense fur keeps them warm, even in the coldest Scottish waters. What’s more, they can even close their ears and nostrils when underwater!

With a little patience, you might just catch a glimpse of an otter in the waters of Scotland's many inland waterways and stunning coastlines. For a guaranteed encounter, head to the Kylerhea otter hide on Skye where you can observe these charismatic creatures in their natural habitat without disturbing them.

The harbour seal

The Scottish Farmer: A harbour seal

Whether basking on the shores or bobbing in the waves, harbour seals are a constant presence along Scotland's coastline, making their home on sheltered beaches. But don't be fooled by their relaxed demeanour – these enigmatic creatures are skilled hunters, using their streamlined bodies and powerful flippers to navigate the currents and catch their prey.

You can find harbour seals basking on beaches, sandbanks, or rocks all around the stunning Scottish coastline. For a guaranteed encounter, head to some of Scotland's best seal-spotting locations: Kylerhea Otter Hide on the Isle of Skye, Tentsmuir Forest on the coast of Fife or Garbh Eilean Wildlife Hide on Loch Sunart.

So, there you have it – Scotland's big five! From the regal red deer, its majestic antlers, a symbol of strength and resilience, to the glorious golden eagle, soaring high above the Scottish landscape and embodying the untamed spirit of the Highlands – these magnificent creatures are more than just wildlife. They are woven into the very fabric of Scottish tradition, just like the iconic tartan patterns celebrated on Tartan Day.