Attendees at the Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust’s Into the Future roadshows have had film from the charity: Nothing Is More Important Than Health.

With the help of photographer and videographer Kirk Norbury, its latest release is packing a non-harmful but impactful punch.

The film looks at all the different aspects of health support the GWT offers, answering real questions about provision.

Accessing health services, like other areas of life, brings different challenges for people living in rural areas and working in rural livelihoods.

There may be a lack of out-of-hours care like walk-in centres, challenges finding nearby support for young people, and so much more.

Chief executive officer, Helen MJ Benson says: “Whether it’s a phone call with a trained nurse, taking part in a course, having counselling or getting a Health MOT at a show, we’ve got a lot of free help available.

“Our Nurse Advice Clinic in particular is a great service.

“It might be a child’s illness, it be an injury, it might be a diagnosis: our trained nurses provide free, confidential support which isn’t affiliated with the NHS”.

Nothing Is More Important Than Health is available to watch on the GWT’s Health & Wellbeing page online and YouTube @thegamekeepers welfaretrust6714

For more information about how the GWT can support you and your family, see www.thegamekeepers