A new non-toxic, automatically resetting, and humane trap offers an efficient and safe solution to the challenge of controlling rodents at a time when the use of control measures based on toxins is coming under increased scrutiny.

The Goodnature® A24 rat and mouse trap available in the UK from Gallagher is a spring method trap. Rodents are lured into the trap by a highly attractive bait before being dispatched by a piston powered by compressed CO2.

“Rodents are a persistent nuisance in many locations including on farms, small holdings and equine units, and in feed stores,” comments Gallagher UK sales manager Mark Oliver.

“Efficient rodent control reduces the risk of the spread of disease to humans and animals, cuts the damage caused to crops and stores and the consequences of structural damage, particularly to wiring.

“EU Biocide Regulations are restricting the use of toxins in pest control and consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of toxin-based pest control, meaning there is a need for alternative efficient control methods. The Goodnature® system provides a, proven, reliable and safe way to reduce rodent problems.”

The Goodnature® A24 rat and mouse trap is a safe, easy to use and automatic system, built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Rodents are attracted to the trap by a toxin-free lure which tastes and smells of chocolate and which is proven to be attractive to rats and mice. It is scientifically formulated for long lasting attraction in all environments and being based on food-grade ingredients is safe for humans, pets, and wildlife.

When the rodent enters the trap, it triggers a spring-loaded mechanism and is killed instantly. The trap then automatically resets ready for the next activation. Each C02 cylinder will fire up to 24 strikes and a visible counter means it is easy to ensure the trap is always charged.

“Positioning of traps is a key component of an efficient control programme. Using Goodnature® rodent detector cards you can ensure traps are placed in areas of maximum rodent activity. A network of optimally positioned traps will deliver 365-day effective protection.

“The system offers a novel, safe and cost-effective way to reduce the consequences of rodent infestations at a time when the use of other control methods is being challenged,” Mr Oliver concluded.

The Goodnature® A24 rat and mouse trap costs £159 including vat and includes the full starter kit and comes with a two-year warranty.