Demand for trace minerals is not static. At critical times during the production cycle, such as calving, breeding and vaccination, there is an increased risk of oxidative stress and a higher demand for trace minerals to help combat this.

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Currently, trace mineral requirements for cattle are provided through their diet and various forms of oral supplementation. However, there are a number of factors which can result in poor trace mineral availability to include poor or variable intakes pre-calving; antagonist minerals such as sulphur and molybdenum acting to tie up minerals and poor absorption of less than 1% to 34%1.

Ingestion does not always equal availability and at times of high demand in the production cycle, even in well-fed, orally supplemented cattle, a trace mineral gap can develop which impacts health and performance.

Multimin™ is a unique combined trace mineral injection for cattle, containing zinc, copper, manganese and selenium. Administered by injection it is not subject to interactions and absorption effects in the rumen and acts rapidly, providing a fast, easy and accurate way to boost essential trace minerals ahead of times of high demand, to help improve cattle health and performance.

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In recent years, trial work has shown that strategic trace mineral supplementation with the injection pre-calving and pre-breeding can help to improve calving distribution, with 77.5% of treated cattle calving in the first 20 days versus 65% in the control group.

A compact calving pattern is one of the key performance indicators on farm and a major determining factor for farm profitability. Herds with a tighter calving interval have higher weaning weights and lower feed costs, so such a treatment response could have a significant impact on herd performance.

Other trials have shown cattle treated with injectable trace mineral supplementation at vaccination, produce significantly higher antibody titres and an improved vaccine response.